3 Things To Remember While Buying Spearfishing Masks

spearfishing masks

When you are going spearfishing, personal safety is one of the most important things that you have to keep in my mind.

You are after all diving under water; an act that does not come naturally to all humans and therefore, you must take enough precautions to ensure that you do not run into any unavoidable circumstances.

Spearfishing masks are one of the most important parts of any spearo’s toolbox. A good mask not only provides good vision but also saves your eyes from other dangers.

In short, the quality of your spearfishing expedition will depend a lot on the quality of the mask that you choose.

There are a lot of brands and types of masks on the market, each making their own claims of superiority however a few things must be kept in mind while buying the right mask.

Make sure it fits well

Even if you do not know anything about spearfishing masks, this is one advice that will serve you very well. If a mask does not fit snugly, then you should not buy it, no matter how many people recommend it.

This is the reason why hurrying through a mask purchase is not a good idea. You must make sure that you try a whole lot of different masks before you select one.

A good way to check for fit is to hold the mask firmly to your face without strapping and breathe in through your nose.

If it creates a suction air pocket inside the mask and you can move your face without the mask falling off, then you have found the right mask that is able to properly seal itself to your face.

Try this with a few different spearfishing masks to see which one fits the best. Remember, that if you do not buy the right mask then you will have to struggle with leaks, fogging and other issues.

Silicone skirt or rubber?

The skirt is the part of the mask that holds the top part snugly against your forehead. They come in two varieties- rubber and silicone.

While rubber skirts have been used for years, you must ensure that the mask you buy has a silicone skirt. That is because not only are silicone skirts much more comfortable than rubber ones, they also prolong the life of your mask with their durability.

Rubber masks on the other hand are very sensitive to heat, can be affected by saltwater and need to be cleaned and maintained a lot more than silicone ones.  Thus, silicone skirts are absolutely superior to rubber ones.

Does the color of the silicone skirt matter?

What’s in a color? You can buy a mask with any color right? Not when it comes to spearfishing.

For example, a clear silicone skirt will let in a lot more light, making you peripheral vision that much better. That’s a good thing right? Not really.

Black silicone skirt on the other hand, provides lesser light and better tunnel vision, which is something that is very helpful when hunting for game under water.

This is the reason why many spearos prefer dark skirts to clear ones. The choice for you in the end and depends upon your personal preference and style of spearfishing.


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