5 Pieces Of Scuba Gear For Spearfishing That Everyone Needs

scuba gear for spearfishing

The underwater life is full of wonder, color and beauty and who wouldn’t want to get underwater and take a close peek at those wonderful creations of nature. Scuba diving makes all this possible and much more.

You can virtually remain underwater for hours and see for your own eyes what you had been watching on TV all this while.

Before you do that however you need to ensure that you are a good swimmer and that you have all the necessary swimming gear at your disposal.

Being able to swim well is a necessity and it never hurts to take some formal swimming lessons.

Similarly, a few freediving classes couldn’t hurt either and will go a long way in making your underwater expeditions that much easier.

Buying the right scuba gear is perhaps the easiest part of the process as such gear is widely available online and offline. That being said one needs to know what to buy before taking the first step.

Scuba gear needed for scuba diving

Diving Mask – what’s the point of scuba diving if you can’t see properly underwater?

A diving mask ensures that you can see things clearly when you are underwater, giving you not only a great view but also protecting you against potential dangers.

Masks come in all styles and sizes and when you buy one, make sure that it fits properly without being too tight. Similarly you don’t want a mask that is loose as it might get fogged too much and may end up leaking water as well.

Spearfishing Wetsuit – the main job of a wetsuit is to keep you dry and warm when you are underwater as when you are beneath the surface of water, you can end up rapidly loosing body heat, which can make you very cold and uncomfortable.

A wetsuit also protects your body as there are things underwater that can cut, scrape or sting you and a neoprene wetsuit is excellent protection to have against such things.

For warmer climates you can choose to opt for a shortie (a wetsuit that covers only till your elbows and knees) and for colder climates, make sure to go with thicker suits.

Diving Fins – a good pair of fins can make swimming underwater very easy for you, allowing you to literally swim like a fish. With a comfortable pair of fins, you will able to move through the water with much more ease and with a lower amount of effort.

If you are a beginner then it’s best to go for longer fins as they make the job very easy.

Dive knife – another piece of safety equipment, more than protection against sea creatures, a dive knife comes handy in case you get tangled in weed or fishing nets.

You can simple whip out the knife and set yourself free without having to wait for help to come.

And of course a speargun!

As mentioned before, one should not compromise on the quality of scuba diving equipment that you carry underwater and to be honest there is no need to do so, with all the amazing online offers on scuba gear that are available today.