5/8″ Travel Polespear by Bandito Speargun Mfg

A polespear is an underwater fishing device. It has various other names such as hand spear and gidgee. It is made up a spear tip, a pole and a rubber loop.

The distinguishing factor of the 5/8” Travel Polespear by Bandito Speargun Mfg from other close substitutes is that the rubber loop is attached to the spear.

Travel Polespear by Bandito Speargun Mfg

Travel Polespear by Bandito Speargun Mfg 1

The pole comes in ranges of sizes from four to ten feet and can be made from one of the following materials; granite, wood, aluminum, fiber glass and carbon fiber.

When the poles are long, they are made in such way that they can be disintegrated (folded) into smaller parts.

The tip is threaded to accommodate different spear tips. The commonly used spear tips for polestar are paralyzer and Tahitian shaft. The bottom of the spear has an elastic loop (made of surgical tubing or a band of rubber).

To operate the spear, place the rubber loop in the crook of the thumb, then reach up the spear shaft to stretch the elastic band and grab the polespear to hold the band in tension. The spear is shot by releasing the hand grasp and guiding the spear like the barrel of a gun.

The distance of the 5/8” Travel Polespear is divided into travel distance and penetrating distance.

The travel distance is the distance the polespear will travel when fired while the penetrating distance has to do with how far into the body of the fish the spear can enter.

The penetrating distance is dependent on a number of other factors which includes

The size of the fish

The mass of the polespear

The orientation of the fish

The material that makes up the fish’s skin

Drag of the polespear

Band stretch / band strenght etc.

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The advantage of polespear is that it is not too bulky and some can be conveniently carried about.

Many experts however prefer the 5/8” Travel Polespear by Bandito Speargun Mfg because it is cheaper.

The Los Angeles Fathomiers annual sturgill polespear tournament is one of the rare games where polespear is highly explored.

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