A Quick Primer To Pole Spears

pole spear fishing
Spearfishing as a sport is pretty damn daring in itself. The idea of diving under water, holding your breath and hunting for fish with a speargun is rather exhilarating and righty so. It provides the thrill of an adventure sport while also netting you some freshly caught fish.  However if you want to take it up a notch to a legendary level, then pole spear fishing is where it’s at.

What is a pole spear?

Explained in layman’s terms a pole spear is a pole, which has a spear mounted on its tip and a rubber loop at the end of it that assists in shooting the pole spear, somewhat like a slingshot. Pole spears are usually made out of aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.

Pole spears are usually 4 to 8 feet long and their range is directly proportional to their length. This means that to use a pole spear you have to be quite close to the target as compared to the spearguns. The tip of a pole spear can be of two kinds. It will either have a fixed tip that is permanent or it will be threaded, allowing the user to change tips as and when they want.

pole spears barb tip

Uses of pole spears

Pole spears are usually used for hunting small reef fish, however depending on the kind of spear pole you use and your skill level, you can attempt to hunt larger fish like bass or halibut.

To use a pole spear, you hook the rubber loop in the crook of your thumb and the line underneath your pinky. Glide your hand up the spear to stretch out the rubber band (gliding the line along as well) to put tension in it. Once you have located the target, let go of the shaft and the spear will surge forward. After that, use the line to draw the kill to yourself or towards the surface of the water if you are heading up to catch a breath.

Different kinds of pole spears

Fiberglass pole spears are the heaviest of the lot and while that might seem like a disadvantage to many, it should be noted that they are probably the sturdiest of all materials. While they might not be the fastest, they do pack quite a punch and can, as a result, be used for hunting slightly bigger fish too.

Pole spears made with aluminum are lighter than fiberglass and as a result have much greatest speed. This allows for easier shooting however it must be noted that aluminum pole spears are prone to damage and once damaged, they lose a lot of their firepower.

Carbon fiber spears are the fastest of the three. They are very lightweight and the shaft is much smaller in diameter, thereby lowering it’s resistance. While they are not as strong as aluminum pole spears, they are still quite sturdy and do not bend too much. Overall they are a good balance of speed and strength.

Could there be anything better than hunting with your own hands using a pole spear? It’s like having your own personal Robinson Crusoe moment. If you are looking for more of a challenge than hunting with a speargun, pole spear fishing is the sport for you!