A Quick Primer To The Amazing World Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If you are a water person and have always wanted to spend time under the surface of the sea, being among the diverse sea life then there’s no watersport better for you than scuba diving.

While there are other intense watersports like snorkeling or freediving that let you do the same, the underwater time in those activities is rather limited. Scuba diving on the other hand allows you longer access to the underwater world.

What is scuba diving?

The word scuba (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) in scuba diving refers to the equipment that you carry underwater (the breathing cylinders) that allows you to breathe while you are under the surface of the water. This means that you can stay underwater for hours if you want to.

More than a lot of skill, a good scuba diving expedition relies on good equipment. The sport is so easy that if you know swimming then you can get good at it in a matter of days since you do not have to learn advanced breathing techniques as you rely on the oxygen tank for breathing.

Why should I scuba dive?

The main attraction for a majority of people is to explore the underwater life. There are others who use it for study purposes and many others, who like sea photography.

The sheer idea that you can literally ‘walk’ underwater as long as you want to is appealing to many and that is why scuba diving provides an experience like no other.

Who can scuba dive?

Even though you will be supported by good equipment when scuba diving, you need to ensure that safety is the number one priority.

This is why it’s recommended that you know how to swim fairly well before you go scuba diving.

The minimum age for scuba diving in most places is 15 and you also need to be of sound health before you can dive in. There are even programs that help disabled people scuba dive.

If you meet the criteria then all you need to do is to learn the techniques of breathing underwater using a mouthpiece and you are good to go.

What do you need to go scuba diving?

The most important thing you need is the oxygen tank, however in most places, an oxygen tank will be provided to you. If you intend to go scuba diving on your then you will need to purchase one on your own.

Apart from that only you need to buy standard diving gear mentioned below.

Wetsuit – Its important to be comfortable underwater and a wetsuit allows you to be dry and warm under the water where the temperatures can be much colder than they were outside of it. It does not allow any external water to seep through while providing you freedom of movement as well. As a general guideline, you’d want a thicker wetsuit for colder climates and a thinner one for warm weather.

Mask – Light works in a different way when you are underwater than it does otherwise. The deeper you go, the more dull things tend to become to the naked eye. A mask helps you avoid this problem by providing you steady vision while also protecting your eyes. Make sure that the mask you buy fits you comfortable and does not allow water to leak in.

Diving Fins – Fins allow you to swim easily, pretty much like a fish. While experts can scuba dive even without them they are highly recommended for a beginner. The longer the fin, the easier you will find it to swim.

There are plenty of other diving accessories like dive computers and dive knives etc. that many scuba divers carry however they are not necessary. If you are diving with a scuba instructor then you’d be fine with buying just the basic equipment.

Scuba diving tips

Before you start scuba diving, it’s better to make sure that you have adequate swimming skills. There’s no harm in taking some formal swimming classes to better your skill. Similarly, it’s highly recommended that you attend a scuba diving program so that you can learn all the nuances. Besides training with an instructor will teach you things that you won’t find in any books.

You need to ensure that you follow safety guidelines while scuba diving and know how to ensure that your gear is properly setup before you step into the sea.

There’s nothing like floating smoothly under the sea and scuba diving provides you just that experience. Just make sure that you have the right equipment and proper training first.

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