A Visitors Guide To Spearfish of South Dakota

Spearfish SD

Based in Lawrence County, South Dakota, the city of Spearfish was founded in 1876 and incorporated in 1888. Widely known as the Queen City, Spearfish was named so as a tribute to the Native Americans who would often spearfish in the spearfish creek.

The creek flows so fast that it never freezes on the top, only at that bottom. That allowed the Native Americans to hunt for food even in cold climates.

Today the city is prospering at a steady rate and continues to be a focal point for tourism and trade in South Dakota while also maintain its rich history.

Things to do in Spearfish SD

Spearfish is a perfect place to undertake a host of outdoor activities from fishing to hunting to simply things like biking.

The presence of the magnificent Spearfish Canyon means that rock climbing is a very popular sport here. The same can be said for mountain biking, what with miles and miles of rocky as well as paved trails.

For someone who loves mountains there is no better way to experience all this rustic beauty.

Fishing in Spearfish

Perhaps the most popular way to spend time for locals and visitors alike, Spearfish provides enough fishing opportunities to keep you occupied for a while.

The focal point of attention in this regard is the infamous Spearfish Creek, however it can often get fished out, especially in the summer months.

Worry not however, as there are plenty of freshwater lakes and streams around where you can catch large mouth bass and walleye.

The 29 feet wide Spearfish Creek on the other hand is home to perhaps the finest wild rainbow trout that you can find in the state.

Apart from the rainbow variety, you will find brown and brook trout in great numbers too. Since the creek freezes only at the bottom, year round fishing is more than possible here.

Situated across the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway are the Roughlock and Spearfish falls, heading up which you find the little Spearfish Creek, which is an excellent, and a very quiet spot for some fly fishing.

Other such great yet quaint spots are at Hanna Creek and the little pond by Maurice dam. Don’t just restrict yourself to the main Spearfish Creek or the Spearfish Canyon. For a greater fishing expedition make sure to explore around the area.

Hunting in Spearfish

The high population of deer and elks in the Black Hills means that Spearfish is a popular destination for game hunters. Head a bit north and you have an opportunity to hunt for antelope as well. When it comes to antelope, the hunting season is available only for residents and the process of drawing a tag is a long wait.

Whether you are hunting or fishing in Spearfish, you will need a license to do so, otherwise it would be considered illegal.

Situated about 6 hours from Denver, Spearfish, SD is a great place for those who want to indulge in adventure sports as well as game hunting.


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