Apnea Competition Speargun Euro Style Review

Apnea Competition Speargun is a special lightweight type of speargun used for fishing.

It is slimmer but faster than the older versions. Speargun is an underwater equipment used for fishing.

Apnea Competition Speargun Euro Style

Apnea Competition Speargun Apnea Competition Speargun

The newer speargun has a number of features:

  • The shaft is made of stainless steel and has been treated with heat in the range of 1600N/mm2
  • Bungee and shooting kit
  • The wishbones are made of stainless steel (articulated type with a sole 16 mm band)
  • Safety Hole and Switch
  • Reel Mount
  • The total length of the Apnea Competition Speargun excluding the shaft is about eighty four centimeters.
  • The light weight setup consists of 16mm band and 6.3mm spear which is ideal for long range shooting.
  • They can also be attached with the additional 16mm band for improved range shooting.
  • Many prolonged users of the speargun have said that the 75cm and 90cm Spearguns do not have much difference when it comes to range.
  • A forum mentor at ‘deeper blue’ said people consider range first when purchasing a speargun, but that there are other factor that should be considered such as:
    Accuracy of speargun
    Weight of speargun
    Ease of loading the speargun.
  • Bulk rubbers are usually thicker and more powerful than the similar in size screw-on rubber.
  • Narrower rubber also means you can only be entitled to smaller spears.

Pros of Apnea Competition Speargun

1) The improved one has enhanced powers to knock out bigger fishes
2) The power can be enhanced with attachments.
3) It is light and easy to carry
4) It is target specific


Apnea Competition Speargun can be purchased from the link mentioned at the beginning of this review.

Experts say they prefer the competition speargun because of its light weight, which makes it easy to manipulate in the water considering that the only thing that matters down below is speed and accuracy.

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