Beuchat Canon Speargun Review

Review of the features of Beuchat Canon Speargun

Beuchat Canon Speargun

Spearguns are underwater fishing equipments. They come in different shapes and sizes and different choice of production materials and also on the manufacturer.

There are two main types of Spearguns; the rubber (or band) speargun and the air (or pneumatic) speargun.

Of the two, rubber powered speargun is the most popular and the cheaper of the two. Their names are derived from the working principle of their trigger mechanism.

While one uses rubber, the other makes use of air.

Beuchat Canon Speargun has the following features:

  • watertight barrel of 30-mm built of aluminium
  • wishbones: 2 V
  • Black powerbands
  • Presence of an alignment head  that is used for the 2 sets of powerbands provided
  • Sliding shaft made of stainless steel: 6-mm
  • Long heel to support your shoulder
  • Adjustable grip
  • Ergonomic butt made of aluminum alloy

Pros of Beuchat Canon Speargun

It is relatively cheap
It has a good range
Can be fitted with extra band which increases its power.

Cons of Beuchat Canon Speargun

It is still very expensive when compared to other rubber powered spearguns.
The recoil is quite strong.


Well the review of this product has been quite good.

With a cheap price and good range while shooting fish, the Beuchat Canon Speargun has really taken its place in the rank of the Spearguns.

The features that you get are awesome and when you will experience the power adjustment facility, you will be ready to buy that product from your nearest store as soon as possible, but always remember there have been reported cases where speargun has mistakenly fired and caused both lethal and non-lethal injuries.

It is advised you keep the safety clip on till you are ready to use it.

Experts often disregard the hype on the accuracy of Spearguns and have said that factor depends on how skilled the spearfisher is and not necessarily a factor of the speargun.

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