Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun Review

Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun has the following features:

Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun review

Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun
1. Trigger mechanism, loose line, and positioning system of the spear on the head made of Stainless Steel.

2. Handle and head of nylon Polycarbonate resin.

3. The loose lateral line of the handle can be positioned on the right or left side and the head is equipped with two lateral hooks.

4. The Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun is totally ambidextrous (Handle, Loose line, Positioning of the line on the head, etc.).

5. The maximum load on the 2nd catch is deliberately limited to 50Kg on the standard model.

Comparison between Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun and other spearguns

Choosing a speargun may be a daunting experience because there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

However, some experts have tried to make a comparison to aid newcomers in the business make better choices.

One of the experts known as Chase explained the CF as a quiet material to use.

As he explained the fact online saying that the carbon won’t be oxidizing, hence he would prefer Carbon fiber even though sometimes it seems to be a little more costly.

He also said that the barrels made of CF are not always the same. Some of them may be thick, some may be thin.

It can be wrapped tighter or double wrapped, even twisted, woven or pulled even.

All the barrels of Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun are different from each other due to their make and they can be sometimes heavier and stiffer as well, he added while concluding.

According to him, RA CF is a good example of having different barrels and they have 3 of them, which are good in quality but different in every aspect of the barrel.

According to another expert, carbon tube is the best choice as the barrel of the gun as they are not flexible and they are quite lighter in weight.

The aluminum one can also be non flexible, but that will result in a much heavier gun.

So this is the very reason why he would prefer to vote for the carbon tube rather than an aluminum barrel.

The major disadvantage of Beuchat Marlin Carbon Speargun over other speargun is that it is highly expensive (can cost as high as twice the aluminium speargun).

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