Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun Review

The best buy in the wooden high quality material over the years has been the Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun since it is made up of the ultimate material required to make a speargun work in the worst possible condition underwater.

Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun

Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun Tip Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun Review

The gun has been manufactured not only in looks but also has kept the speed and accuracy of the shot intact.

This is the article where you can find some aspects and points regarding the Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun which might be helpful to you once you buy this gun.

Design and build of The Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun

The design is simple yet drastic and made up with the best care taking features.

The wooden design makes it look more gorgeous and the best part is that it has got a polished look.

This way not only it is protected under harsh conditions but also provides a high class look to the gun.

Unlike other spearguns the Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun has got its way out of the crowd in terms of looks and perfection.

The barrel manufacturing is done with the help of teak wood and the most parts by fibre.

This has provided an exceptional quality to the gun at almost all the possible heat and humidity exposures.

Pros and cons of Beuchat Marlin Speargun

There happens to be a variety of reasons why people would like to give this gun a try. The best of the best features are as mentioned below.

The pros of the Speargun are:

The barrel construction is done based upon teak wood and fiber in combination.

The volume of the barrel is sufficient enough to provide proper floatation.

The shaft construction is around 6.7mm in diameter with 3 hooks provided.

The speed is good enough at an average of 40 meters per second

Cons of the Speargun are:

The cons of the Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun have been some depending upon the reviews and customer feedback.

The reloading mechanism seems to be hard for a beginner.

The bands are supposed to be made up of low quality and will be sometimes problematic.


The overall reviews and feedback of the Beuchat Marlin Pacific Speargun have been a positive response and people have provided a good enough review to support the gun.

The speargun has been a major sports underwater for spearfishing and this gun has been the best choice.

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