Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun Review

Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun like every other speargun are underwater fishing equipment used by divers to catch fishes. Some speargun come with a number of accessories that can be used to enhance the power and performance of the equipment.

Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun

Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun


Features of Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun

Every speargun comes with its own unique features. Some are really remarkable while others are only but slight modifications on existing ones. Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun has the following features;

  • Effective shooting range of 7 to 8 meters (21 – 24 feet)
  • Effective force at full load – 62 kg / 137 lbs
  • Effective force at final propulsion point (on release) – 22 kg / 49 lb
  • Speed of shaft on release – 46 m/s / 151 f/s / 103 mph

Pros of roller speargun

Some of the most notable pros the roller speargun has which makes it stand out include:

1) It has a power that was previously attainable in compact designs that could only be achieved with longer barrels.
2) High precision / accuracy
3) Near zero recoil
4) Reinforced stainless steel handle mechanism.
5) Strategically shaped barrel resulting in high maneuverability and ease of tracking in the water column
6) Optimized power to effort ratio resulting in offshore power in a compact (105cm) design.

Cons of Beuchat Marlin Revolution Roller Speargun

With its sumptuous pros, roller speargun also has its own cons and they including;
1) It is very expensive.
2) It has a thin spear which can bend easily on impact
3) It takes longer time to load

Different speargun has their peculiar pros and cons. For example, one of the cons of using rail gun is that they are noisy while the cons to using an American style speargun includes slide ring shooting line rigging is noisier, less maneuverable and extra line loop to string between shots.

There are other factors that should be put into consideration when choosing a speargun. These factors, to a large extent, predict the effectiveness of a speargun. They include;
Spear gun size / length
Spear type
Spear point type
Band type
Band diameter
Shooting line type

Finally, no speargun is a ‘has it all’. The choice of speargun will boil down to a number of factors which includes cost, performance, the spearfisheman’s choice / taste and recommendations from other users.

Many expert divers often own multiple spearguns, all of each have their various purposes and they choose which to carry along depending on what they intend to do.

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