Beuchat Mundial Competition Aluminum Barrel Speargun

Over the years, there have been few names that have been trusted by the users and one of them is Beuchat. And they have come up with an all-new and excellent product from their own factory the Beuchat Mundial Competition Speargun.

Beuchat Mundial Competition Aluminum Barrel Speargun

Speargun is an essential item when you choose to go for an underwater fishing. This is kind of a harpoon and an automatic gun which helps you the most while fishing underwater.

With a carbon tube and a wooden body, the product is really a fascinating one and you must go through the details once when you go and buy some of these spearguns.

The features and the facilities provided will surely make you happy.

Features and specification of Beuchat Mundial Competition speargun:

  • Loose line
  • Trigger mechanism
  • Positioning system is of stainless steel
  • Head and handle made of nylon polycarbonate
  • The head has 2 hooks
  • The standard model has the weight limitation of 50Kg
  • Bands: up to 2x16mm
  • The aiming is quite easy
  • Has the Tahitian shaft of 6.7 mm

Pros of Beuchat Mundial Competition

  • The shooting distance is quite impressive
  • Comfort while using the gun is guaranteed
  • No issue with the precision
  • Comes with Articulated wishbones
  • Facility to lock the spear automatically
  • The automatic system works quite quickly and easily
  • Comes with easy aiming facility
  • New handle with a grip angle of 300
  • The space in between head and handle can be compacted to 28 mm
  • Buoyancy optimized, so is the movement while in the water

There are no as such cons found until now. The users who ever have used it are satisfied with the product and have nothing to complain about.

The review given by the users has been great and once you have the product with you will be amazed to see so many good aspects in one speargun.

The most important fact is that the Beuchat Mundial Competition speargun is a product that reflects the experience that a company can gather in such a long period of time.

The product has also been tested by the 3 times world champion, Pedro Carbonell.

Even he is very happy with the automatic mechanism and the easiness of the shooting that can be achieved in this speargun.

Moreover the precision and the comfort while shooting are not at all disturbed in this new product.

So as far as the expert is concerned, you can go out there and buy this speargun yourself and get yourself some nice catch.

So go for it and best of luck on your underwater fishing.

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