The BUCANERO SPEARGUN is around 96 centimetres in length, which is sufficient enough to improve weight and length considerations.




When considering the different spear guns in the market, the main aspect to look for in any spear gun is the accuracy and the length that it covers underwater.

This way you will not have to deal with any issues later on.

The other aspect of consideration might be cost of the spear gun.

There are many other different things to be considered when you are looking for the spear guns to buy.

The length of the spear gun is the most important factor along with its weight The make of the spear gun is from Aluminium which has been considered to provide the best anti rust effects and what more you can benefit in the weight section as well.

Also, the BUCANERO SPEARGUN comes with a mechanism fitted with an automatic SKINI clip and is made completely of stainless steel to further reduce weight of the overall product.

The weight of the spear gun has always been a major consideration since once inside water you will start to feel the burden of the spear gun and thus it should be as less weighted as possible.

Considering the shark-fin of around 102 centimetres, the overall length of the product comes to around 124 centimetres.

The added beauty of the product is the overall grip.

The product is shaped like a stem to provide a maximum grip and to prevent any possible movement under traction.

The handle of the BUCANERO SPEARGUN is quite simple in design and very light weight.

This, along with the plastic make makes it easier to handle and use in any type of waters.

The release system is made up of stainless steel which gives a more rigid performance and better handling capabilities.

There have been many positive feedbacks from different customers and this has made the BUCANERO Ι (Full) SPEARGUN to be the best seller in the market.

Along with the different added benefits and features the spear gun has been known for its affordable cost and high performance.

You need to check  the reviews in order to get the best source to buy the product online.

With an amazing black color along with a weight of around 4.4 pounds the BUCANERO SPEARGUN has been known to perform the best in the market of spear guns over the past years.

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