A Quick Primer To The Amazing World Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If you are a water person and have always wanted to spend time under the surface of the sea, being among the diverse sea life then there’s no watersport better for you than scuba diving. While there are other intense watersports like snorkeling or freediving that let you do the same, the underwater time in … Read more

What Are Diving Computers?

dive computers

While it looks like a relatively simple watersport, spearfishing has much more in store than meets the eye at first glance. For someone who’s is looking from the sidelines, it’s nothing more than a bunch of free divers who are going underwater to hunt for fish. Little do these people know that there’s a whole … Read more

5 Pieces Of Scuba Gear For Spearfishing That Everyone Needs

scuba gear for spearfishing

The underwater life is full of wonder, color and beauty and who wouldn’t want to get underwater and take a close peek at those wonderful creations of nature. Scuba diving makes all this possible and much more. You can virtually remain underwater for hours and see for your own eyes what you had been watching … Read more

What Are Speargun Reels And How Do They Work?

speargun reels

From the outset spearfishing looks like a very easy ‘sport’ to somebody who’s not aware of its intricacies. For a layman, it’s nothing but taking a speargun and shooting it at the finish and for them, perhaps the only skill required seems to be the ability to freedive. If you have ever gone spearfishing however, … Read more

Spearfishing Safety Tips

spearfishing safety

Before you get into spearfishing, it’s important to make sure that are you physically and mentally prepared for the sports and also that you follow the safety guidelines that will keep you safe underwater. First of all, before you go spearfishing, you need to ensure that you have a fishing license for the area where … Read more

Spearfishing Videos Are Good For Learning

spearfishing videos

For someone who is completely new to spearfishing and is very interested in taking it on as a regular activity, it can all seem rather confusing, at least in the beginning. Not only is it intimidating to look at all the equipment that needs to be bought (and learnt) all that jargon and technical terminology … Read more