What Is Freediving And Why You Must Absolutely Do It


For most of the watersports that you will want to undertake, there’s one thing that you will need to get a significant command over- diving. If you can’t dive and swim at an acceptable level then it’s doubtful that you will enjoy watersports like scuba diving and spearfishing to their full extent. One of the … Read more

A Quick Primer To Pole Spears

Spearfishing as a sport is pretty damn daring in itself. The idea of diving under water, holding your breath and hunting for fish with a speargun is rather exhilarating and righty so. It provides the thrill of an adventure sport while also netting you some freshly caught fish.  However if you want to take it … Read more

Why Do Divers Need Dive Knives?

Dive knives are an essential part of a diver’s toolbox. They are an important tool that any diver would like to keep with himself for his security and to ensure that his diving experience beneath the waters is trouble free. After all we cannot rule out the possibility of facing dangerous situations when one is … Read more

How To Choose The Right Diving Fins For Spearfishing

Choosing the right set of fins for spearfishing is very important for making your diving experience joyful and safe. Any expert will tell you that if you are planning to go for spear fishing, then you need to have perfect diving fins. Before you choose from the many kinds of diving fins that are available … Read more

How To Choose The Right Spearfishing Wetsuits

Any spearfishing enthusiast knows that to have a great spearfishing experience it is very important to ensure that the equipment at your disposal is not only the best that you can afford but also one that is suitable for all of your needs. This means that you must have the right type of speargun for … Read more