3 Things To Remember While Buying Spearfishing Masks

spearfishing masks

When you are going spearfishing, personal safety is one of the most important things that you have to keep in my mind. You are after all diving under water; an act that does not come naturally to all humans and therefore, you must take enough precautions to ensure that you do not run into any … Read more

Speargun Bands and How to Make Them Last Longer

speargun bands

Using a speargun is a great way to go fishing for under water game and when it comes to spearos or spearfishing enthusiasts, the talk is almost always about the different kind of spearguns and the kind of shafts that give better results. While the sturdiness of the speargun and the efficiency of the shafts … Read more

A Quick Primer To Pole Spears

Spearfishing as a sport is pretty damn daring in itself. The idea of diving under water, holding your breath and hunting for fish with a speargun is rather exhilarating and righty so. It provides the thrill of an adventure sport while also netting you some freshly caught fish.  However if you want to take it … Read more