Riffe Teak Standard 49″ Mid-Range Speargun

Riffe Teak Standard 49" Mid-Range Speargun

What does a scuba diver do? What is spearfishing? No, this is not where we teach about these. But, just in case these questions piqued your interest, scuba diving is a thrilling and adrenaline pumping leisure sport that requires you to dive under water using suitable breathing apparatus and costumes and explore the beautiful marine … Read more

Beuchat Marlin Elite Speargun

Beuchat Marlin Elite Speargun

Spearguns are specially designed fishing aids. They take the shape of a gun and the working principle is not so much different from that of a gun too. Some are lightweight while others are heavier. Their powers also differ based on a number of factors which we would discuss subsequently. But if you are looking … Read more

Mares Viper SpearGun Review

Mares Viper SpearGun

The Mares Viper Speargun – comes into different sizes as per their length and you can choose the one which fits you the most. The length is considered during underwater fishing since it is dependent on the height of the user who is actually going to use the speargun. There are mnay advantages of this … Read more

OMER Kanaloa Speargun Review

OMER Kanaloa Speargun

Hawaii is a place which is exclusively famous for its deep sea fishing, and OMER Kanaloa Speargun makes your adventures more exciting. Choosing a right type of speargun is one of the toughest choicefor those who love underwater adventures. The ancient spearguns were made of rubber band and wood which are now substituted by pneumatic … Read more

SEAC Asso Pneumatic Speargun

SEAC Asso Pneumatic Speargun

Spearfishing or underwater fishing is a sort of crazy gaming that can easily move various hearts with its seemingly beautiful and spanking flow of underwater and underwater fishes. Well, this style of trawling does not only proffers fun or thrill but also demands a great level of awareness which can be met by using numerous … Read more