Beuchat Canon Speargun Review

Beuchat Canon Speargun

Review of the features of Beuchat Canon Speargun Spearguns are underwater fishing equipments. They come in different shapes and sizes and different choice of production materials and also on the manufacturer. There are two main types of Spearguns; the rubber (or band) speargun and the air (or pneumatic) speargun. Of the two, rubber powered speargun … Read more

SEAC Polpone Sling Speargun Review

SEAC Polpone Sling Speargun

Why SEAC Polpone Sling Speargun? A person who is enthusiastic about fishing must have a good spear gun while catching fish. The SEAC Polpone Sling Speargun, 50cm is considered as a great fishing companion. It is something that compels people to give up their traditional fishing and use it. This spearfishing tool is good for … Read more

Hammerhead Proteus Speargun Review

Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

Hammered Proteus Speargun comes with a closed muzzle which allows for quick and easy loading and reloading of the gun. DESIGN OF A HAMMERHEAD PROTEUS SPEARGUN: This Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns is fully railed and is of a single band. The shaft of the speargun is made up of stainless steel which is treated with heat. … Read more

Metal Tech Series 38″ Speargun by Riffe

Metal Tech Series 38" Speargun by Riffe

If you have an adventurous streak in you and love diving and fishing under water then you would definitely need a speargun or colloquially known as scuba gun. Fishing from above the water surface and fishing under water has stark differences in all sorts of ways. You need to be more agile and aggressive and … Read more

Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review

Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review

Why Rob Allen Carbon Railgun? The carbon rail guns from the house of Rob Allen are specialized materials with a bondage of sophistry. It has a specialized pull function with continuous binding. It so strong that will handle a pressure of about 3-4 tons. It also has the fiber build patch for loading a heavy … Read more

SEAC T-Combat Sling Speargun Review

SEAC T-Combat Sling Speargun

It is the ideal product under the varieties of spear gun named as SEAC T-Combat Sling Speargun. Taking up the smallest weight in your whole bag and giving the strength to avoid any unimagined awkward moments. It comes with a muzzle of triple purpose for a traditional dual sling or just a circular sling or … Read more