Cressi Gara Professional LD Freediving Fins Mask Snorkel Set

Cressi Gara Professional LD Freediving Fins Mask Snorkel Set

A big part of ensuring that you’re spearfishing or your freediving expedition goes as well as you want is to ensure that you have quality equipment at your disposal.

Good gear not only makes it easier for you to navigate underwater, it also allows for a safe experience. After all the last thing you want when you are underwater is to run into problems coz a piece of gear on your person malfunctioned.

It’s never a good idea to cut corners while buying diving gear and with things like the Cressi Gara Professional sets available in the market at such reasonable prices, there is no reason for anyone to do so either.

Quality fins, a good mask and a sturdy snorkel are 3 crucial part of any diver’s gear bag and the Cressi Gara Professional Fins, mask and snorkel set provides you with all three at one go.

What do you get with this set?

The Cressi Panoramic Mask included in this pack is made of black silicone and even shades the eyes from light coming through from the surface of the water allowing you to have even better vision.

This mask covers the diver’s nose entirely allowing him or her to equalize air pressure as he or she descends underwater. As a result the mask does not tighten around the diver’s face as a result of suction.

Fins – the high performance design of these professional Cressi fins is what makes them a favorite among divers.

These fins are a great extension for your feet and allow you to swim with a greater amount of ease. This means that you do not need to train and have leg muscles like an athlete to swim swiftly underwater.

These flippers are made using a special elastomer polypropylene mix that not only gives them added durability but also allows for the diver to swim for longer distances even when employing softer kicks that do not require much effort.

The blades are also super light and ensure an extremely fluid kick. The new design features a shoe pocket that is placed directly under the blade allowing the blade to move in perfect unity with your foot.

Snorkel- you need a snorkel to breath in air even when your face is underwater and this Cressi snorkel does a great job of letting you do so. All in all, this Cressi set is amazing value for money especially considering the quality of the products that you are getting in return.

Gear bag that can safely contain your fins mask and snorkel.


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