Cressi Geronimo Elite Mimetico Spear Gun review

Cressi Geronimo Elite Mimetico Speargun
The cressi Geronimo Elite mimetico spear gun is an upgrade over the Geronimo Pro which was a previous model in a similar design made by the same manufacturer that was hugely popular in the spearfishing circles. Made in Italy this spear gun is designed for spearos who prefer nuzzle designs.

The first thing you notice when you look at this spear gun is its attractive look that is very much in line with the Italian style of design. The speargun is not only beautiful but it is also very well built and shoots like a rocket. This kind of power ensures that you can use this gun to shoot small reef fish as well as larger grouper, cobia, sheapshead.

The build of Cressi Geronimo Elite Mimetico Spear Gun

The gun feels very sturdy, the first time you pick up and it seems a bit strange that it’s so lightweight as well. That’s one of the biggest problems with extra sturdy guns that they often can be very heavy making underwater maneuverability a bit difficult.

The muzzle and the contoured handgrip are made out of new generation thermoplastics which are very durable, resistant to mechanical pressure, perfectly rigid and superlight. This helps greatly with precise firing and an overall better hunting experience.

The barrel is constructed using a special aluminum alloy and the 6.5 MM shaft is made with heat-treated stainless steel. This obviously means that the spear gun is highly resistant to any sort of bending even if you’re using very powerful bands.

Other features

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The main body of the speargun is overlaid with a digitally designed camouflaged pattern along with a contoured barrel. This means that the speargun does a great job of blending into the ocean and making you feel completely anonymous.

The latest addition to the speargun is a brand new grip adjustment system, which makes it possible for you to personalize the handgrip according to the size of your own hand. Needless to say this aids greatly in comfort and with shooting accuracy. The grip has also been strengthened and the rod release mechanics have been updated as well.

Even if you use one of the longer models with high tension bands, the special anticorrosion tubes guard against any bending of the barrel and a compact hydrodynamic point allows you to lower the positioning of the bands. How does this help you ask? Well this helps with precise aiming; quick firing and most of all a powerful forward thrust which is the reason why this gun can shoot like a rocket.

It does take a bit of an effort to load this spear gun but that is to be expected from such a powerful weapon however a wetsuit with a chest pad should easily solve this problem. With such a powerful spear gun it is a good idea to add in a reel if you intend to hunt big fish with it.

Overall this gun is a great product for a serious spearo and it’s very much like buying a sniper gun for underwater hunting!

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