Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun Review

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun

The Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun is an upgraded version of their best selling Geronimo model and just like its predecessor, the speargun does not fail to impress. Does it excel at all those things that one requires from a good speargun? Let’s take a look.

Speargun specifications

As you can tell at first glance, the speargun has a muzzle design and the muzzle itself has been redesigned to be compact and extra hdrodynamic. They have also upgraded the release mechanism for the rod and strengthened the grip area for a sturdier feel. Out of the box, the gun comes with a single rubber band however you do have the option of adding another one on top of that for additional strength.

The barrel itself is made up of a special corrosion free aluminum alloy and the speargun is very unlikely to bend even if you use very powerful bands. It also has a spear rail saddle incorporated within and provides a good sense of balance and firmness that can even outperform carbon spearguns. The shaft 6.25mm heat treated Swedish steel however you do have the option of using a 6.00 mm shaft if you so desire.

Speargun performance

The butt of the speargun is equipped with a loading paid that has a notch engraved within allowing you to see down the length of the gun and aim accurately. The pad also allows you to reload the spear effortlessly and combined with the light weight of the gun, makes it easy to move and pivot the gun, as you are getting ready to take an aim. The unrestricted open muzzle design is also to thank for this.

The main body has a unique design that is thicker in the middle than it is at both the ends. While the thicker middle provides for sturdiness, the body itself works very well to reduce drag making things much easier underwater.

One of the biggest upgrade to this gun has been the new ergonomic adjustable grip design. The new grip can be customized for your hands by adjusting for your hand shape, the thickness of your gloves and your personal tilt preference. Besides, the grip has been further strengthened and gives a really good feel when you are underwater.

The trigger can be recalibrated to your style as well and you can easily modify the trigger sensitivity as well as its path. So if you are a novice, then you can adjust the handgrip and the trigger till it feels natural to you. Once you have it set just as you like it, it is sure to offer you better results in terms of accuracy.

While the Cressi Geronimo Elite speargun works well out of the box, it is highly recommended that you play with the settings to increase accuracy and make the shooting process even easier.


A great speargun that does even better than it’s predecessor, the Cressi Geronimo Elite is designed for both beginners and experts alike and for the price that it is retailing, it’s definitely worth a catch!


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