Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Review

Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer

A lot of people who are new to freediving or to spearfishing are often surprised by the amount of technology that is involved in these sports today.

Even the wetsuits that looks simple from the outside are thoroughly researched advanced products that make the experience a whole lot better. It’s no surprise then that, today we have access to a whole lot of gadgets that make the whole process much easier for a diver.

Scuba diving wrist computers are just one such product that every advanced spearo must have in his or her arsenal.

Why do I need a scuba-diving computer?

While it might seem very easy from the outside, diving underwater, especially in the sea can often turn out to be an overwhelming experience.

This is especially true for spearfishing where your main goal is to hunt the catch and that can often take away your focus from issues such as personal safety.

A diving wrist computer is a way to keep yourself in check and at the same time have useful information easily accessible.

For example a good scuba diving wrist computer will let you know where you are, how long you been underwater and how long you can safely stay underwater.

When you go freediving you obviously need to plan it out thoroughly beforehand and one of the things that an experienced diver always does is that he sets himself certain limits.

For example how deep is your dive going to be?

Or how long are you going to stay underwater per dive?

This becomes even more crucial when you’re diving in a group or with a diving buddy, as all of you need to be on the same page.

Not sticking to predetermined limits can confuse everyone and at times put people in danger.

When you have a computer giving you statistical information it keeps you in check and makes things very safe.

Which scuba-diving wrist computer should I buy?

A good diving computer should have an easy to read interface so that you can take a quick glance and read all the information swiftly.

It should also have the capability of sounding an alarm and also warn you in case the battery is going low.

The Cressi Leonardo scuba diving wrist computer has all these features and more.

It is so easy to use that you can access and alter all the information and settings using a single button interface.

It is compact, easy to wear and its high-definition display lets you easily read the information in large numerical fonts.

The battery life indicator makes itself easily visible and the alarms are loud enough that you will not have any problems hearing them underwater.

This device can hold up to 75 hours of information- that is roughly equivalent to 60 dives and real time information is updated every 20 seconds.

The device comes in a whole lot of different colors and is perfect for someone who is new to freediving.

You also have the option of changing from the metric system to the feet system and overall the device is very easy to use.

So if you’re looking for a diving computer then give the Cressi Leonardo a try. You will not be disappointed.


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