Cressi Spearfishing Apache Speargun Review

Cressi Apache Speargun

Cressi has been a popular name among spearos of all levels for many years now and their reputation is well earned as a result of the quality products that they have made over the years. Since 1946 they have provided spearos with great equipment and that tradition continues with the Cressi Spearfishing Apache Speargun.

Cressi Apache Speargun

Right out of the box, this speargun comes with a single sling band attached that is held in place by a sturdy wishbone.

This band is easy to mount and in case you require more power this can easily be upgraded. Even when you are underwater the single band is rather easy to pull back & load and this can easily be done with you needing to wear a padded wetsuit.

You can also load it from the hip without much effort. There’s also a convenient rubber pad at the bottom of the gun that makes this job even easier.

The speargun is also pretty easy to handle and weighs a lot less than other guns available in the same price range (between 1.5 to 1.9 lbs. depending upon the length of the gun).

The gun comes from sizes of 35cm long to 75 cm long and this should cover people of most general heights.

The shaft is a euro mech style 6.5mm shaft and if you want to upgrade it then remember that the shaft that you buy should always be about 40 cm longer than the size of your gun.

Quite akin to most of their guns, the Cressi Apache Speargun is very well designed ergonomically and handling it is a pure joy. On all their new spearguns, Cressi are now using a redesigned grip that is perfectly angled to aid in precise shooting and better handling.

The least thing you will have to worry about when you are underwater chasing fish is any lack of comfort while aiming. The trigger is a new sturdy design as well and covers half of the trigger area.

The feel of the trigger is staunch and it’s unlikely that you will fire it off by mistake anytime while you are using it. The release mechanism is indeed the same one that is used in the higher priced Cressi Comanche speargun.

The same can be said for the sure lock safety that is easy to engage and makes sure that the spear doesn’t misfire when you are not using the gun. In any case, it is very important that you keep the gun un-loaded when you are on land or when you are not using it.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The default shaft is made of Tahitian Steel and can be used for shooting a wide range of fish, however it should be noted that it would be a struggle in case you want to shoot heavy fish.

To make your job easier a reel can also be installed on the gun though you will have to buy it separately.


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