GoPro Diving Mask by XS Foto with UV Ray Blocking Tint

GoPro Diving Mask Black Silicone UV Ray Blocking Tint Real Frameless Builtin Stainless Steel Camera Mount Two Mask Straps and High Torque Mounting Screw GoMask Ironmann by XS Foto

GoPro Diving Mask by XS Foto Frameless

GoPro Diving Mask Black Silicone UV Ray Blocking Tint Real Frameless GoPro Diving Mask Black Silicone UV Ray Blocking Tint Real Frameless

A diving mask for the serious diver and underwater photographer that is hard to beat. The Ironmann GoPro mask is designed with the seasoned scuba diver in mind.

It is made with high quality materials and uses an innovative design.

This mask features:

1. A Stainless Steel Camera Mount
2. Multiple layers of coating
3. Two Mask Straps
4. & A Frameless design.

The lens connects directly to the black silicone skirt of the mask body.

For the diver’s convenience the attachment for the camera uses stainless steel COR coin screws. These can be tightened with a coin.

The lens of the Ironmann GoPro is made from Optical Everclear Glass.

Optical Everclear Glass has fewer impurities than standard cheaper lens glass; this guarantees that more light reaches the diver’s eyes, resulting in improved underwater vision.

The frameless design of the mask results in an improved visibility angle.

This is especially important when you are underwater.

This allows for increased mask flexibility and fewer leaks, if any occur at all.

Another advantage of the frameless design of this Ironmann Scuba Diving Mask is it is easy to store.

No frame means that the mask can be easily folded and packed away in a small space.

This mask comes with two straps. One is a neoprene mask strap that is reinforced with elastic woven webbing, as well as a traditional silicone strap for those who do not like neoprene straps.

The strap buckles are made from quality stainless steel; they attach directly to the mask.

They also have stainless steel bolts. No quick connect or disconnect plastic buckles used here!

Camera Mount:
Finally a few words about the camera mount. Many divers nowadays take pictures of notable events and encounters during their dives.

Remember all the huge, bulky but impressive looking underwater cameras Jacques Cousteau and his dive teams used way back in the golden days of scuba diving?

Today the size of cameras has shrunk so much without a loss of picture quality. Cameras are often used in all kinds of places like smartphones and dash cameras. So, why not use one of the modern cameras on the head of a diver?

Well, more and more divers indeed sport underwater cameras attached to their diving masks.

The Ironmann GoPro Diving Mask has such a camera mount. It is made from stainless steel, using the lost-wax casting process.

The mount is angled slightly forward to avoid air bubbles being expelled when the diver exhales.

Minimizing the number of air bubbles is also essential. Air bubbles can interfere with the picture quality when there are too many in the pictures.

The Ironmann camera mount eliminates most of this potential problem. A diver needs no tools to mount the camera with the high torque mounting screws on the machined threads.

This high quality, black GoPro Diving Mask by XS Foto with integrated camera mount is well worth its price.

Just think how much more enjoyable a leisurely photo dive will be with two free hands and no unwieldy camera to wrestle with.

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