Hammerhead Evolution 2 speargun review

The HAMMERHEAD EVOLUTION 2 is regarded as the most accurate speargun. This was independently tested by Hawaii Skindiver magazine and Spreading Magazine out of Florida.

Hammerhead Evolution 2 speargun

DESIGN OF THE Hammerhead Evolution 2:

Every edition of the Hammerhead speatgun, complements the previous one which makes it consistent and in making accurate shots dive-in and dive-out under most of the demanding situations.

The steamline and the hydrodynamic Evolution Open Muzzle holds the Power Helix Bands which makes the speargun unique.

To minimize the speargun recoil and ‘kick’ the barrels, all Hammerhead Evolution 2 have e slick track and are ballasted for neutrality, sound dampening, and recoil minimization.

Efforts are done to maximize the band stretch and power. Fot this, the spearguns are matched with precision machined American made 14-7 stainless steel heat treat shafts which are designed with weld fin tabs set 2.5” from the rear, which maximizes the band stretch and power.

To allow him the maximum strength while firing, to prevent recoil and kick, the diver is able to lie his hand in “strong-fist” position, to increase the shot power.

This Hammerhead Trigger also features an adjustable trigger to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and glove thickness.

Each speargun is professionally rigged with hand with loading pad, and front line bungee.

FEATURES OF A Hammerhead Evolution 2:

  • An open muzzle is provided with dual bands
  • It is based on reverse trigger system which uses maximum band stretch and more command.
  • Pistol grip is strong
  • The helix bands are provided which include band system (removable), nylon coated wishbones and also bridles.
  • The standard features include loading pad and bungee
  •  The side line release is made up of stainless steel
  •  The trigger pull is also made up of stainless steel
  • The barrel is railed and is fully integrated with aluminum
  • The equipment is reel-ready and reel-mount


  • Norcal and pacific fishes- Rockfish and halibut
  • Social and baja- white sea bass, yellowtail, kelp bass
  • Hawaii fishes- ulua, mahimahi, ono, kumu, uhu
  • Freash water fishes- stripe bass, crap and walleye
  • Florida and gulf fishes- jacks, cobia, snapper, dolphin and reefs


Friendly to the new speargun user

It has been rated 4 out of 5 stars


Problems are faced while loading the gun

Mostly these speargun is produced by Hammerhead Evolution 2 and are the sole company that sells it to a renowned number. Other company which produces this product is Cressi.

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