How To Choose The Right Diving Fins For Spearfishing

fins for spearfishing

Choosing the right set of fins for spearfishing is very important for making your diving experience joyful and safe. Any expert will tell you that if you are planning to go for spear fishing, then you need to have perfect diving fins. Before you choose from the many kinds of diving fins that are available in the market, you need to have a clear idea about which diving fins suit you better.

There are two different types of diving fins: open heeled fins and closed heeled fins. Choosing the one you like the most depends on your purpose and where you want to go for diving. Let us look at some essential features of both open heeled fins and closed heeled ones.

fins open heel

Open heeled fins: These fins are the obvious choice for scuba divers as they are preferable for cold water diving and allow for easy shore entry while diving. Divers also prefer to use open heeled fins as they allow them to change into hard soled diving boots quickly whenever they want. When the divers go deep into the sea, the terrain beneath the waters can often be rough with many rocks and hard surface. Unless they equip themselves with hard soled boots, there is a strong possibility of picking up an injury. Moreover, when you are wearing just fins it is not easy to enter the areas that are full of rocks. However, there are two drawbacks to choosing open heeled fins for spearfishing. Their bulkiness and their lack of cushion against hard elements under the sea.

fins closed heel

Closed heeled fins: Many divers prefer to do closed heeled fins as they provide immaculate grip and power. You have lots of options when choosing from many of the closed heeled fins that come in various sizes and specifications. For instance, fins with longer blades are extremely useful for deep diving.

Closed heeled fins for spearfishing offer many advantages. They make both ascent and descent very easy while diving. You need not exert much energy as closed heeled fins grip your feet tightly and as a result, it saves on the oxygen you’d otherwise spend making the extra effort.

There are three different materials with which diving fins are manufactured from today. They are: carbon fiber, fiberglass and polymer.

Carbon fiber blades: With carbon fiber you will get stiffest blades. They are lightweight and they make diving easy and a lot of fun. You don’t have to exert much energy, however their cost is a major factor to consider before you buy. They are relatively pricey when compared with the other ones available in the market.

Fiberglass blades: Fiberglass blades are a bit better taking the cost factor in consideration. When it comes to quality they are almost equal in stiffness to the carbon blades & are useful for rough use. Their sturdiness means that you need not bother about being delicate on them.

Polymer blades: Polymer blades are big favorites of many divers. They are the cheapest available in the market however, when it comes to stiffness, you won’t get the same feel as you’d get with polymer blades or fiberglass blades.