How To Spearfish – A Guide For Beginners To Spearfishing

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It’s not difficult to see why so many people are interested in the sport of spearfishing. After all it’s much more than just a sport.

When you go spearfishing, you not only get the thrill of an adventure sport but also end up with fresh catch for your kitchen.

You get to go play in the ocean while also getting a steady supply of healthy and tasty fish that you have caught for yourself.

That being said, for a beginner it can often be very confusing to figure out how to start spearfishing. There are so many technical words, so many things to buy, not to mention the fact that you’re actually going hunting underwater.

Yes it can seem like that at first glance however the reality is much different. Once you understand a few things, it is not difficult at all, to get into spearfishing and enjoy it to the fullest. We will start by taking a look at the basics.

How to spearfish?

There are two major activities that you undertake when you’re spearfishing- diving and actual hunting. When you divide the whole experience of spearfishing in those two categories, the job becomes much more manageable.

Diving can easily be learned by anyone simply by taking a few freediving classes. If you already know how to swim, then all you need to do is take free diving classes for a couple of weeks and you will be good to go.

The more you practice diving the better you get at it and it’s highly suggested that you do. After all when you’re spearfishing, diving and swimming underwater should come naturally to you as your main focus and almost all of your attention would be on hunting the fish.

Once you have a certain level of mastery over diving it is time to get into the thick of it all but before that, you would need to buy the right kind of equipment that would not only enhance your spearfishing experience but also keep you safe when you’re underwater.

What all equipment do I need to go spearfishing?

The first thing you need of course is a speargun. The kind of speargun you buy depends on what kind of fish you intend to hunt. In general spearguns come in two styles – band powered spearguns and pneumatic spearguns.

No matter how unique your needs, you’re sure to find a speargun in the market that fits your requirement. Make sure to read about the different kind of guns to get a better idea of what to expect. For a beginner it’s usually sufficient to get started with a decently powered band speargun.

The second object of importance when you’re going spearfishing is a wetsuit. Wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is a highly stretchable rubbery material and provides for excellent insulation against the cold.

Do you really need that kind of warmth? You absolutely do. This is because your body loses 20 times as much heat underwater than it does when you are on land.

This means that even if you feel warm enough when outside the water, you will feel much colder when you’re underwater. This is a problem many face especially when it comes to spearfishing, a sport where you are expected to be underwater for long durations of time.

Needless to say if you’re cold and uncomfortable then you probably will not be able to hunt as well as you would have had you been warmer. This is why you need to make sure that you wear a wetsuit when you go underwater.

You will also need to buy standard diving gear like a snorkel, a mask and perhaps fins as well. In the beginning it is also a good idea to get some neoprene gloves to assist with all the tasks that you have to perform underwater.

Most of this additional equipment does not cost much but greatly improves your spearfishing experience by making you feel comfortable. Talking of comfort, it’s also good to keep a dive knife by your side in case you get tangled in seaweed or any fishing nets.

Remember that when we dive underwater safety is the number one priority.

Lastly you’d also need a fishing license from the local authorities. In most places in the US you can do this online without having to go stand in a line.

Do not forget that if you Spearfish without a license, it is considered illegal and you might get into trouble.

Now that you have a better idea of how to spearfish you can start your adventure right away and unearth the amazing world of spearfishing.

Happy diving!