JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun

What is JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun?

JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun

JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun

The JBL Magnum gun series has a record of having speared more fished through their gun varieties than all the other guns combined.

The JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun is used for prey which is close to cold water, shore, large/small prey, warm water, open water, and many more.

This speargun is mostly used by the people who are advanced divers, recreational divers or beginners or more.

This Special Northwest Speargun is famous because users prefer qualities like durable, accurate, good range, fast, light weight, low recoil, etc.

These all features are all included in this JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun and that is why this is specially recommended.

17-4 hardened spring, stainless steel triggers, shafts and sears.
Safety and trigger are one-handed.
303 hardened spring and the spear point is made of stainless steel.
The shock line is highly secured as it is shock absorber.
It is totally manufactures in USA.
Muzzle is without wings (gulf muzzle).

Total length of the speargun is 35.75 inches.
Length of the shaft is 28 inches and its diameter is 3/8 inches.
Sling length is 16 inches and its diameter is 9/11 inches.
Range of the gun is 14 feet.
slings offered are 3 Amber 9/16 inches and its diameter *16 inches.
Floatation is not supported in this JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun.
Material used is Barrel Anodized Aluminum
Weight of the gun is 3.45 lb.

1. PROS:

  • JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun is short enough to nail the big fishes on wrecks.
  • It is pretty much durable for the rock reefs.
  • It is easy enough even to use with the thick gloves.
  • This special speargun is easy enough to load and aim.
  • Loading the gun is fast because of its open breach.

2. CONS:

  • Adding some buoyancy to the muzzle is recommended.
  • Rinsing it daily becomes necessary to maintain it.

Thus, this JBL 38 Special Northwest Speargun has proved to be an overwhelming product for spearfishing and so is rated as an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars by the reviewers.

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