JBL Breakdown Travel Pole Spear Review

JBL Breakdown Travel Pole Spear

Spearfishing by itself is a great outdoors activity.

After all what’s not to like about going underwater with a speargun in hand with the goal of shooting some great looking fish.

Not only do you get to enjoy a great underwater activity but you also have a meal ready once you’re back on land. What could be better!

Perhaps the only thing that is slightly better than fishing with a speargun is fishing with a pole spear.

If you’re more of a ‘hands on guy’ than a ‘pull the trigger’ guy then pole spear fishing is just the thing for you.

Instead of writing a general guide about pole spears, today we’ll review one of the best pole spears that are available in the market today –

the JBL Breakdown Travel Pole Spear.

It is a commonly known thing that the longer the pole spear, the more powerful, the longer its range and the more powerful its impact.

This is because unlike a speargun that shoots at the pull of the trigger a pole spear surges forward once you let go of it.

The tension comes from the rubber sling that you hook to the nook of your thumb and the pole spear uses the release of this tension (once you let go of it) to surge forward.

The best part about this JBL pole spear is that when assembled, its total length is 6 feet, however when you disassemble this pole spear it collapses down to mere 26 inches. This makes storage and carrying the spear extremely easy.

JBL Breakdown Travel Pole Spear review

So you can put this into a backpack very easily for instance.

The sling length can be completely adjusted and the precision machined union allows for a seamless fit. When you buy this pole spear you also get a travel case to go along with it fro safe keeping.

By default this pole spear comes with barbed paralyzer (#846) and a wing Rock point (#825).

The stainless steel threaded tip however will accept any 6 mm or 7 mm spear points.

Each pole spear has also been machine swaged for enhanced hydrodynamics, which allows it to travel at great speed with minimal speed loss that can often be caused as a result of water disruption.

The main pole spear body itself is made with tempered aluminum and anodized with hard Gold.

This ensures that there are no rust problems or any accidental damage to the pole spear.

The other crucial part of the pole spear, the sling, is made of black surgical rubber and is not only highly elastic but also very strong.

After long use and the unavoidable wear and tear that comes with it, you also have the option of replacing the sling easily.

To sum it up if you’re in the market for a new pole spear then you can’t possibly do better than the JBL Breakdown Travel Pole Spear.

It’s sturdy, speedy and you can change the tips to any kind that you want.

Most of all it is very compact and will not give you any problems in case you want to travel with it.

A definite five stars to this product.

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