JBL Carbine Speargun D7 For Freediving and Spearfishing

ABOUT JBL Carbine Speargun D7 :

JBL Carbine Speargun D7

This special series of the spearguns is all about helping you out while you go fishing both in quality of work and in class.

All the speargun models are constructed using the Aerospace quality aluminum and Spearfishing Carbine Metal Speargun D7 is no exception.

The triggers and shafts of this speargun are made up of stainless steel and also having the feature of high strength.

The power capacity is of 1.2” high mode bands. A low profile pistol grip is provided for the handle which makes it easy for target acquisition.

This speargun is recommended to all those who want to bring home plenty of fish without affecting their bank balance.

This product, which is manufactured by JBL is mainly used for close to shore prey, small prey, warm water and more.

The customers who consider themselves to be Recreational Divers among others, are mainly to use this JBL D7 Carbine Speargun.

Due to the features like: accurate, durable, low recoil, light weight, fast, good range, etc. this speargun model “Spearfishing Carbine Metal Speargun D7” is much more popular among the customers of spearfishing.

SOME FEATURES OF Spearfishing Carbine Metal Speargun D7 BY JBL:

  • Shock lone his highly secured to absorb high power shocks.
  • Black ABS plastic is used to make the handles and muzzles of the speargun.
  • Shafts are made up of 17-4 hardened spring stainless still.
  • Latex sling comes with Stainless Wishbone.


  • Total length of the speargun is 32.50 inches
  • Shaft is designed to have a length of 33 inches and diameter of 9/32”.
  • Sling length is 20 inches and the diameter of the sling is of ½”.
  • Number of slings in a single model is 2 Black ½” diameter * 20.
  • Maximum range covered by the speargun is 12 inches.
  • Floation of the speargun is not provided.
  • Material used to make barrel- Anodized aluminum
  • Handle and muzzle are made of Abs Plastic.
  • Shaft is made up of spring steel.
  • The spearpoint provided in the gun is: Twin barb rock point #847.
  • Weight of the speargun is 1.75 lb.

Spearfishing Carbine Metal Speargun D7 is easy to use and one can have many successful hunts.
Recommended for beginners.
It is reviewed as a safe speargun.
Quick and light in water and easy to load.

Thus, this Spearfishing Carbine Metal Speargun D7 proves to be a good option for those looking forward to spearfishing.

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