Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins Review

Why would you choosethe Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins?

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins

New shape of the greatly spelled “V” blade prevents from the risks of slipping. The foot pocket provides with the qualities of comfort and to hold the foot.

It gives more support and power to the blade at a same time.

Product details

The efficacy of Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins is its meticulous design that is created by computer.

Tapered section blade is recommended to pair with a new techno polymer. This has made it possible to achieve favourable outcomes in terms both thrust modularity and power.


  • The foot pocket of this provides the most comfort, efficiency and good technique.
  • The blade prevents from any type of slippage.
  • Side ribs are perfectly shaped to support the blade that helps channel via water.
  • This product is one of the lightest free diving fins.
  • Length is approximately 32 long and varies slightly by the foot pocket.
  • Micro-ribbing which is on the blade optimizes efficiency.
  • Tapered sections of this product with elongated lateral stringers are specially designed to make the blade’s deformation progressive.
  • Also it creates a smooth channelling with the water, which is the fin’s true driving power.

Differentiate between pros and cons

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins is generally used for free diving, snorkelling and many more water sports.

Excellent elasticity promises great response which is achieved via the use of creative materials that makes performance possible under any conditions.

This product is popular because customers met their given requirements.

It focuses on – comfortable use and efficiency that comes in a super light weight size.

This product is great reef diving fins. It is recommended for free diving and spearfishing, especially for longer periods.

It is good to buy its actual size, especially when you are go off to raw-dog this product, one should purchase 1/2 size slighter, or they will be too movable to fit.

Final verdict of buyers

Buyers have voted it to a good quality product to any beginner diver. Although it is little stiff, but it gives great power.

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins is worth buying as the customers find it as the great fins for the price and also because it’s of great quality.

It is comfortable to wear on barefoot and inflexible sufficient to help reach more depths.

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