Mares Viper SpearGun Review

The Mares Viper Speargun – comes into different sizes as per their length and you can choose the one which fits you the most.

Mares Viper SpearGun

Mares Viper SpearGun

The length is considered during underwater fishing since it is dependent on the height of the user who is actually going to use the speargun.

There are mnay advantages of this speargun when it comes to sizes and types.

This article will try out and bring the different reason why you should give this speargun a thought before you buy any other spearguns.

Design and build of Mares Viper Speargun

The speargun comes with a reel which makes it easy to fasten and trigger the gun as per your choice.

You can always recollect the shaft once fired and thereby you are always at the advantage of having your complete gun intact.

Any type of speargun looks for proper power and speed management. The power is all determined by the trigger mechanism and the material used.

This can be of importance since underwater pressure needs to be considered while buying this speargun.

There are many other such simple yet most important factors that have been incorporated in this simple yet complicated design of the spear gun.

The different pros and cons of the Mares Viper Speargun are as mentioned below and you should probably prefer this type of speargun.

The pros of the Speargun are:
Complete release mechanism is made up of stainless steel for better reliability and endurance.
Reel has been provided which gives an added safety to the spear fishermen.
Most rugged and reliable and will withstand almost all underwater pressure conditions.

Cons of the Speargun are:
The only con that takes with the speargun is that it tends to be very hard when it comes to reloading the speargun and thus might be time consuming considering the reel structure.

The Mares Viper Speargun comes with an added two years warranty for the users. This way you can always replace the speargun or even change any particular parts if damaged under warranty.

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