OMER Kanaloa Speargun Review

Hawaii is a place which is exclusively famous for its deep sea fishing, and OMER Kanaloa Speargun makes your adventures more exciting.

Choosing a right type of speargun is one of the toughest choicefor those who love underwater adventures.

The ancient spearguns were made of rubber band and wood which are now substituted by pneumatic speargun that has adopted the advanced technology to balance your adventures along with your requirements.

OMER Kanaloa Speargun


Glimpse of OMER Kanaloa Speargun

The product is manufactured by OMER team divers especially designed fishing in Hawaii in waters.

It consists of an open muzzle and silver anodized merged with cayman rail barrel made of aluminium that is attached to a Cayman handle makes it more reliable and easy to use.

The product is designed with safe and secure trigger mechanism that is available in the market today.

Special features

The product comes with American 17/64” three shark fin shaft along with cheater tab which is an important attribute of the penetration cone.

OMER Kanaloa Speargun is shipped with a single power band, but it is highly advisable to reduce the thickness of the band.

The product has a comfy –butt that makes loading easy and without any complications. The hand-tied rubber comes with a sole wishbone.

Thinking about pros and cons?

The good attributes- As the product comes with an open muzzle,it’s loading along with its reloading is very easy and takes the shortest time compare to the speargun with close muzzle.

The product is cost-effective with its finest quality and above all it can trigger even the toughest skin of fish in a very easy way.

Another feature of the product is that it attracts customers with its uncomplicated and perfect Railgun.

Wherever there is light, there is a shadow-

The only drawback of OMER Kanaloa Speargun is that the band slipped out after loading, so people have to place the band inside the gun.

The good attributes of this product can certainly overcome its single drawback that can be compromised easily.

Words directly from the buyers

Majority of its buyers are very much impressed with the quality of this product. The product is affordable and proves to be a valuable purchase.

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