Review Of MAKO Spearfishing

MAKO spearfishing

When it comes to spearfishing, you do not want to settle for mediocre equipment just to save a couple of bucks. Not only does that make your experience a lot less enjoyable, you also risk comprising your safety underwater.

Say you bought an average quality speargun that ended up giving you problems while firing. Not only will you struggle to hit your target, thereby increasing your frustration levels, you’d also have to physically deal with the problem, all while you are underwater. The same can be said about a cheap wetsuit that fails to keep you adequately warm, thereby ruining your spearfishing experience.

Besides, in this day and age, when we can find some great discounts and offers online, it does not make sense to cut corners and settle for below par products. If you want to buy spearfishing equipment then there are plenty of good deals to be found online and today we will shed light on one such company that ahs been doling out quality equipment at surprisingly moderate prices.

MAKO spearfishing

The philosophy behind MAKO products is that of fulfilling the need of the spearo above all else. They are not concerned with raking huge sells or selling to the masses. They are good at catering specifically to the spearfishing community and thankfully they keep doing a good job of it.

On their website you can find pretty much everything that you will need for spearfishing. From their excellent spearguns to wetsuits, snorkels, masks, floats, reels to any spare parts that you might need for equipment. They even sell GoPro cameras so that you can film all of your spearfishing expeditions.

Apart from regular sales, they also conduct eBay auctions, all the proceeds of which go to a charity called The Fisher house that supports American war veterans in their time of need. If you are looking for a bargain then make sure you check their overstock sales, where a lot of things can be purchased for a fraction of their original price.

What’s so special about MAKO spearfishing products?

MAKO believes in selling equipment directly to the spearos online, instead of through middlemen like equipment shops. Cutting the middlemen means that they can provide a higher quality of equipment at a much lesser cost, making it easier for spearos to afford their equipment. Their goal is also to build a personal relationship with their customers by providing them with the personal attention that they deserve.

In fact most of their equipment is sourced from the same manufacturers that make products for big name companies. MAKO are just able to sell it for cheaper as they do not need to pay any middlemen. This also allows them to sell many international products that are not available in regular shops around the US.

At the same time they also develop their own customized spearguns that are reinforced with steel for better durability and come with sharkfin tab spears. Their spearguns are really popular in the spearfishing circles and the quality of them speaks for itself.

So if you are in need of spearfishing equipment, then head over to and be amazed by the amazing quality they have on offer.