Riffe Padauk Competitor Speargun Review

Riffe Padauk Competitor Speargun

When you go to war, you want to make sure that you have your weapons are in order and efficient at what they do.

Similarly when you go spearfishing you want to ensure that the speargun you carry is perfect for the task that you have at hand and that it won’t give you problems when you are underwater.

There’s nothing worse than running into speargun issues to ruin a spearfishing expedition.

A good speargun is your best friend underwater and there’s no reason why you should cut corners and try to save a few bucks when buying one.

Today we will look at one such speargun that is a perfect option for most spearos, whether they are beginners or pros.

Riffe Padauk Competitor Speargun For Scuba Diving and Spearfishing

Riffe is known in the spearfishing circles for making great quality products however with the Padauk, they have completely outdone themselves.

While most spearguns in the market are made of layered teak, the Padauk is made of one solid chunk of wood.

This not only makes the speargun super solid, it also gives a nice look to it. Which why this gun is perhaps one of the best looking ones out there and the finishing on the wood gives the gun a great sheen.

The speargun is available in two different styles- A Hawaiian Flopper Shaft with 2 bands and a Threaded Shaft and Tip that comes with 3 bands. It also comes in sizes ranging from 27 inches long to 54 inches long.

The gun comes with two different rigging options and a newly designed side mounted spring loaded safety.

The main body of the gun is sturdy to hold while easy to maneuver as well.

The trigger (made of stainless steel) especially is very smooth to use and does not require excessive force to shoot through thus allowing for a greater amount of accuracy when shooting underwater.

The overall construction of the speargun is according to the usual high quality standards that Riffe products are famous for and even a novice can tell the quality of the gun at first glance.

The butt of the gun is made of rubber and make loading virtually effortless. Even with 2 or 3 bands, you do not feel the need to wear a padded wetsuit to load the gun; you can load it easily from the chest or the hip.

The padded butt can also be used for pivoting the gun underwater when you are aiming at a particular fish. The trigger handle is smooth, of a decently big size and comfortable to hold.

For a low weight gun, it is rather powerful and do not be surprised when you are able to hunt fish as big as ten pounds while employing only one band.

This is an all around gun that can be used by people with different skillsets and in different underwater conditions.

If you are in doubt about what kind of gun you need, the Riffe Padauk would be a good option to explore.


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