Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50″ Series Hawaiian Speargun Review

Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50″ Hawaiian Speargun is the ultimate Halibut gun to track game efficiently and very easily. It is primarily said to have for the use of stomach loading supergun, along with the option of rest tab for the hip loading.

Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50 Hawaiian Speargun

Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50 Hawaiian Speargun Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50 Hawaiian Speargun

This product has the choice of speargun for those Blue Water hunters who go hunting the larger pelagic fishes of the open ocean. How exotic is the new Hawaiian supergun which delves into the maneuverability that swings around efficiently for tracking the game comfortably! One could easily handle this product without having to worry about control and it comes at an affordable price.


It is said to be the best option for Blue Water.

The Mid-handle series gives the maneuverability to track game quickly.

It is designed by hand-craft precision.

The Mid-handle series is specially designed for unparalleled control.

It is a recently silent release.

Model #H is larger speargun for serious Blue water hunters according to their choice.

Special features of the Riffe Teak Mid-handle 50″ Series Hawaiian Speargun

  • It has got a size of about 50” teak stock.
  • This product has 5/16″ x 55″ threaded shaft it has got a large two barbed wired tip.
  • Primarily a stomach loading speargun with 9/16″ x 24″ bands.
  • The model has heavy duty 4 that laminates teak stock with sides of the machines to handle it easily and groomed well.
  • Model #W Blue Water comes standard 3/8″ (9.5mm) shaft, ice pick slit tip, breakaway setup, as well as (4) 5/8″(16mm) power bands with recommended 500# coated cable.
  • The size is about 300 lb, with a nylon non filament shooting line for shooting efficiently, as well as resistance to abrasion.
  • It has 5” Bungie Shock Chord in 550 lb size that has been tested with Pigtail Ball bearing Swivel, except for model #W.
  • The model #I comes standard (3) 5/8″ (16mm) power band and 4th band optional.
  • Model #B-N comes in (3) 9/16″ (14mm) power bands – might be upgradable up to 5/8″(16mm) diameter.
  • This product has heavy duty fibre glass that is over the molded cushion grip handle with reinforced nylon.
  • Riffe’s stainless steel triggers over mechanism assembly that accepts all diameter Riffe shafts 1/4″(6.5mm), 9/36″(7mm), 5/16″(8mm) and 3/8″(9.5mm).
  • It has a locking pin for safety.
  • This speargun has contoured large urathene butt end assembled for easy hip, as well as stomach loading.
  • Models #I and #W have additional bolts via muzzle, while using four bands.


It accepts all Riffe parts and accessories.

The rigging of the speargun might be changed according to customer’s satisfaction.

It has been recommended to use two hands for larger models, to reduce the recoil for shooting correctly.

One might wonder that why it comes with such an overwhelming detail to the scuba-diving equipments, but the Riffe Teak Mid-handle series are voted “the best spearguns in the spear fishing industry.”

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