Riffe Teak Standard 49″ Mid-Range Speargun

Riffe Teak Standard 49" Mid-Range Speargun

What does a scuba diver do? What is spearfishing? No, this is not where we teach about these.

But, just in case these questions piqued your interest, scuba diving is a thrilling and adrenaline pumping leisure sport that requires you to dive under water using suitable breathing apparatus and costumes and explore the beautiful marine world.

While spearfishing represents the hunting procedure of ancient humans albeit with modern and more advanced weapons of choice.

Both these activities involve diving under water which might remind you of the deep sea movies that you have watched as a kid.

But, if these are something that you already know like the back of your hand then you must also know the use of spearguns.

If you are planning on buying a speargun then you must check out Riffe Teak Standard 49″ Mid-Range Speargun for better understanding.

Features of the Speargun:

Before spending your money on anything new, you need to check out their features just like the ones given below of the Riffe Teak Standard 49″ Mid-Range Speargun.

  • Heavy-duty 4 laminate teak stockpile with side machined grooves for simplicity of handling.
  • A threaded shaft of 8mm is attached tolarge replaceable spearhead with 2 barbs.
  • #1, #2, #3 Models generally comes with (3) 9/16 (14mm) power bands.
  • Threaded Tip – Fixes the hunt after you have hit the target.
  • A Nylon monofilament shooting line of 300lb is included – This helps in faster shooting during hunting and resists abrasion.
  • 5″ Bungee Shock Chord with 500lb test Pigtail Swivel.
  • The muzzle is wedged and reinforced and is used for increased strength of power.
  • A nylon handle is glass- filled and has an over-moulded cushion grip that is easy on your hands.

Ayes and Nays for the Speargun:

Everything comes with their positive and negative features.


Updated version has a spring loaded safety that can be mounted from the side.
The butt end assembly is composed of red urethane that provides comfort during hip loading.
Additional Riffe parts or accessories can be attached compatibly.
Advanced models can also be used for blue- water shooting.
It can also be customized.


Steel cable shooting lines cannot be used as it would dent the teak structure.
Light weight reels can only be used as teak spearguns cannot withstand too much load.

To buy or not to buy:

If you are aiming for light-weight hunting then Riffe Teak Standard 49″ Mid-Range Speargun is a great choice to start with. Riffe spearguns are generally powerful and also goes easy on your wallet. Happy spearfishing!

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