Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review

Why Rob Allen Carbon Railgun?

Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review

Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review Rob Allen Carbon Railgun Review

The carbon rail guns from the house of Rob Allen are specialized materials with a bondage of sophistry. It has a specialized pull function with continuous binding.

It so strong that will handle a pressure of about 3-4 tons. It also has the fiber build patch for loading a heavy wader. A product that is way too adaptable than the mandrel ones with wound tubes.

It is a carbon fiber manufactured that gives super strength with durability and added stiffness.

This is a world class product with goodness packed. Rob Allen Carbon Railgun and spearfish comes with a standard stainless steel line release.

It is perfectly engineered product that gives the pressure correction at screws; spigot and shrouds are added immensely for the benefit and extra long lasting effect.

Rob Allen Carbon Railgun has high durability with strength packed for any uncanny situations. The coils are adjusted so much that it won’t let down the experience of fishing for a moment any more.

The barrels are tested for several times before installing. The first check is done in air by simply throwing and winding the rill for various times. The next step is to check the strength down in the hydraulics for a depth of 40 meters for several hours.
Product specification:

It is a 7mm double notch carbon spring shafts made of steel. This speargun also includes 5/8 diameter spear bands in blue color. It has a famous trigger mechanism named “vecta”. It is of a caraigable weighty product. It comes not only in monotones but provides a wide range of colors that will add a tone to adventure in the trip for fishing.


Colorful bars for extra entertainment
Includes guiding manual with a fitter and the gun.
Dimension: 110 m*250 gm.
Rob Allen Carbon Railgun and spearfish is available at various line lengths. Starting from a 110 m gun to 140m gun. Special products with spring coils and carbon shafts are available too.

The product is available without the extra handles.


There is no fault or cons found in this product so far.
It is a perfect product with the fun packed in strength and an all in one product for a day’s adventure.

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