Shopping At Spearfishing World Review

spearfishing world online store

In spite of the endless excitement it promises, at first for a beginner, spearfishing can seem rather confusing.

Thankfully there are plenty of resources on the Internet that can make this task a whole lot easier.

Most importantly online shops where you can buy the equipment that you need at prices that are much lower than real shops.

One such great website is that is run by the same team that owns the very successful Scuba’s World in South Florida.

While they offer very competitive prices on the website and a huge range of products at that, their main asset remains the very knowledgeable and friendly support that their staff provides. Their website is a virtual store run for spearos by experienced spearos.

What can you buy at Spearfishing World?

Pretty much anything that you would ever require for a spearfishing trip can be bought at their website, starting with the many different kind of spearguns that they have.

They offer pneumatic spearguns, band powered spearguns, Hawaiian slings and pole spears as a main hunting tool.

The good thing is that all the accessories for all of these can be bought from the online store as well as and when you need them.

Buying the right speargun depends solely on your style and on the kind of fish you want to hunt, if you are a beginner however, you’d do well with band powered spearguns as they are very easy to handle as well as to aim.

At the same time a good band powered speargun is accurate and silent and allows for a much easier spearfishing experience. The best part about these spearguns is that once you gain some experience, you can add extra bands to increase their shooting power.

You can buy a beginner’s speargun at Spearfishing World for as low as $69.

Spearfishing safety equipment

Unlike many other online retailers, Spearfishing World has a huge collection of personal safety equipment for spearos. While for the most part, spearfishing is a safe sport; it’s always a good idea to keep your body protected from the elements of the sea.

Accessories like ear plugs and a pocket sized resuscitator can come handy when you need them. It’s much better to be equipped with them than not have them on person in times of need.

They also have diving kneepads on sale that can be worn above your wetsuit if you are diving in a water body infested with rocks and reef.

Similarly you can buy safety whistles that allow you to alert others in your diving group in case you urgently want their attention. Just go through their personal safety section and you are sure to find some accessories that you will find of much use.

Another section of note on their website is their extensive collection of books and DVDs relating to spearfishing.

Such information can rarely be found online and these stores of knowledge are a must have for any spearo.

All of their products on their store carry a 14 day return policy and they offer international shipping for foreign customers.

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