Spare Air 3000 3.0 Kit – Your Safeguard For Emergency Situations

Spare Air 3000 3.0 Kit

Many adventurous water sports like freediving and spearfishing rely not only your ability to swim well underwater but also to hold your breath while doing so.

This is why breath control training is a huge part of learning how to dive and many experienced divers practice yoga as well to improve their technique. Needless to say, the better your breath control, the longer your ability to hold your breath and stay underwater.

With constant practice this limit can be lengthened resulting in you having better breath control and as a result, a higher level of confidence when underwater.

However, when you are underwater it’s you against the elements of the sea and at times, you can find yourself in an emergency situation (something as simple as getting caught in a reef).

In a situation of fight or flight, you perhaps would not be able to focus so much on your breath as your attention would be diverted to matters that require your urgent attention. What is one to do in such a situation?

One thing experts always recommend is that you should dive with a buddy or in a group. In such a case you have other people to help you out of a difficult situation.

As sound as it seems in theory, once you are under the surface of water, things can often go awry. For instance you and your buddy might want to explore different things and end up straying far from each other or they simply might not be able to notice you stuck in a difficult situation.

Let’s not forget that underwater it will be very difficult for them to hear you and even if you carry one of those safety whistles, by the time they are able to reach you, things could’ve become worse.

Getting out of an emergency situation underwater

To get out of any such situation, you need to ensure that you have ample breath left in your lungs and that you have an adequate control over it.

This is why many freedivers like to carry a can of spare air with them to be used in such situations.

The preferred choice for many is the Spare Air 3000, a system that can easily be filled from a scuba tank and provides you with 3000 psi 3.0 cubic feet (85 liters) of air.

This products allows you a few minutes of precious breath that allows you to escape to the surface of the sea or at least reach your buddy (or vice versa) in time to get some help.

The Spare Air can is refillable and most importantly it weighs less than a kilo (2.17 lbs.) so that you can carry it under water without making an extra effort or lugging extra weight.

The Spare Air 3000 3.0 kit includes the can, a manual, a holster and a safety leash to ensure that it does not float away from you when you are underwater. The product also comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.


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