Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float

What is Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float with Oral Inflator and Dive Flag by Scuba Choice?

Scuba Choice Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float

Scuba Choice Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float Scuba Choice Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float

420D nylon torpedo buoy float is a floatation device and supports you during spear fishing and also helpful in sea dives.

It plays an important part in spear fishing as it must be carried by you every time.

The product is buoyant ample to bear your full weight and thus acts as a rescue device or equipment. The equipment is named so because of its shape which resembles tarp.

This is regarded as common equipment carried during sea dives and under water fishing. Its main role is to safeguard your life during emergencies and to prevent from drowning.

The buoy is mainly used for snorkeling and sea diving. It has been designed in such a tough way so that this buoy is easy and quick to inflate, deflate, put away and fold up.

You have to just remember to put some weight inside it at the bottom which will enable you to be in same position without flipping.

There is no such legal size, according to your requirement you can choose among various sizes. This product will enhance and amplify your diving and spear fishing experience to a great extent.

The Spearfishing 420D Nylon Torpedo Buoy Float specifications:

  • FLAG SIZE- 10” * 8”.
  • FLOAT SIZE- 39” long.
  • Attached with oral inflator and dump valve.
  • Presence of pocket and handle on the bottom.
  • Heavy duty 420D nylon along with TPU lamination.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS- 19.5*13.4*1.7 inches.
  • WEIGHT- 1.2 pounds.
  • MATERIAL- nylon.

Explore the pros and cons

Before you make up your mind whether to buy the product or not, you should be well acquainted with its benefits and drawbacks.

Some of the pros associated with it are:

Long lasting, no defect will arise till 50 trips.
Superior quality valves.
No puncture because of good quality material used.


There is no such con encountered in the product.

Feedback on the product

The review and feedback on this product is great. It is affordable and has a good floating capacity along with detachable oral valve and dive flag.

The double celled versions usually provide better resistance compared to the single celled versions. 420D nylon torpedo buoy float has been rated 5 out of 5 stars which is really astonishing.

Nylon and torpedo fabric is the ideal material as torpedo buoy is constructed for minimum drag and pull in water.

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