Spearfishing Safety Tips

spearfishing safety

Before you get into spearfishing, it’s important to make sure that are you physically and mentally prepared for the sports and also that you follow the safety guidelines that will keep you safe underwater.

First of all, before you go spearfishing, you need to ensure that you have a fishing license for the area where you want to spearfish. As much as many people like to believe, spearfishing isn’t just about jumping anywhere inside the water and hunting for fish.

You do need to get the paperwork done or it will be considered illegal. That being said, let’s discuss some spearfishing safety tips that will keep you secure underwater.


Please watch this spearfishing safety video!


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Buy the right equipment

There is no point cutting corners when it comes to buying equipment for any kind of an adventure sport. In situations (like when you are underwater) there can be a rare occurrence when things are not under your control.

After all you cannot control the elements of nature. In that case, you want to make sure that you have quality equipment that will help you get to safety quickly.

Similarly the last thing that you want while you are spearfishing is for your gear to go bust on you.

This could be a cracked mask, a malfunctioning speargun or something as small as an inaccurate diving computer reading. Hence it’s crucial that you buy quality equipment that has been known to work well in tough conditions.

Before you dive in, make sure to test your equipment thoroughly so that you have no unpleasant surprises waiting for you down there.

Know your limits

It’s human nature to get excited about delving into the unknown and feel the need to explore what all lies there. This holds true for spearfishing as well, as you may want to go much deeper than you have ever gone before.

That is not a good idea at all. You should keep an account of how deep you usually dive. This can be done easily by wearing a personal dive computer as it readily relays all the information in a easily readable numerical format to you.

If you do want to expand your diving boundaries then make sure that the first time you do so, you have an experienced buddy along to watch your back.

Go spearfishing only if you are ready

If you are not in optimal physical or mental state then there’s no point going fishing, no matter how much your buddies try to talk you into it. If you are unwell, then not only will your experience be exhausting, it’s unlikely that you will enjoy it at all.

For example, if you have a cold or chest congestion then you will have a lot of difficulty breathing properly and we all know how crucial optimal breathing is to spearfishing.

Similarly, if you are mentally tired or under the influence of alcohol from a previous night out, you will simply be more miserable once you are under water and will not be able to focus on hunting some game.

When in any sort of a doubt, it’s better to skip than be sorry.

Plan your spearfishing expedition

Even if you do it by yourself, you need to have a plan on hand to ensure that things go smoothly. For instance, you want to make sure that you do not go spearfishing when the seas are rough.

Similarly, you want to set limits on how deep you will dive or on how many fish you will catch before you call it a day. If you are diving in a new location then make sure you ask some local folk about the water conditions and where you can find a good catch.

A good plan = a good spearfishing experience.

Don’t carry the catch on you in water

Never ever carry the fish that you have hunted on your body as it might catch the attention of dangerous predators (think sharks! ) and get you in trouble.

Let the fish follow you on the reel as you swim to the surface of the water. Always put safety before greed.

Keep the speargun unloaded

speargun safety

Make sure that your speargun is not loaded when you are outside of water.

Treat it just like you would any weapon.

A loaded speargun can cause an accident and irreparable damage to you and your loved ones.

Keep it locked, unloaded and in a secure place where anyone else cannot access it easily.


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