Spearfishing Videos Are Good For Learning

spearfishing videos

For someone who is completely new to spearfishing and is very interested in taking it on as a regular activity, it can all seem rather confusing, at least in the beginning.

Not only is it intimidating to look at all the equipment that needs to be bought (and learnt) all that jargon and technical terminology can often be scary for a newbie.

There is of course also the need to learn how to freedive properly, in case you don’t know that already. Is there no way then to make the process of getting into spearfishing easier?

Surely the process of learning more about spearfishing and becoming a spearo yourself can be made easier in case you know someone who is already doing it.

This however is not possible for all of us and we have to rely on external sources to get our information.

How do we go about it then?

The first thing that you need to do is to master your free diving skills.

Even if you are an accomplished swimmer it’s still a good idea to go for free diving lessons.

Let’s not forget that when it comes to spearfishing you are not just diving underwater but also hunting your prey and the last thing you want is difficulty while diving.

A couple of weeks of free diving lessons however, should be enough to set you on your path.

The next step in the process would be to scour the Internet for articles like the one you’re reading right now, and get more information.

Pretty much everything you need to know about spearfishing and about buying spearfishing gear is available on the Internet for free.

It is very important to educate yourself not just with techniques of spearfishing, but also in matters of handling equipment as well.

For example, what kind of speargun do you choose? Would you need to buy a wetsuit? What are dive computers and how do they help you? What equipment do you need to spearfish in cold waters?

These questions and a lot of other ones can be answered quickly just by looking them up on the Internet. Buying equipment without having a sufficient knowledge about it can turn out to be a very bad idea and an absolute waste of time and money.

You can start by browsing around this site to get a lot of valuable information that would serve you well in the long run.

If you’re not the reading kinds than the best way for you to get all this information is to watch spearfishing videos.

There are thousands and thousands of spearfishing videos on the Internet (especially on YouTube) and simply by watching them you can learn a lot about spearfishing.

These spearfishing videos are usually about techniques, equipment and the most interesting of them all – actual spearfishing expedition footage. Simply by watching these spearfishing videos, you can get yourself acquainted with the sport in a short amount of time and perhaps shorten the learning curve by a long mile.


Three spearfishing videos worth watching


Spearfishing World Record Grouper and giant Lobsters


Big Tuna


Spearfishing White Sea Bass