Speargun band rubber – thick walled latex tubing

By hearing the word speargun band rubber you will be slightly confused as to what the product is and what the utility of it is. It is basically thick walled latex tubing.

speargun band rubber

speargun band rubber

Speargun bands are available in mainly two colors: black and amber.

This product is used and coupled with spearguns for the main purpose of underwater fishing. In today’s world underwater fishing is gaining a lot of popularity and thus demand of speargun bands are also increasing at a rapid pace. You should be careful before purchasing the product because if you are allergic to latex then it will prove to be a bad idea.

The Speargun band rubber specifications

The cross-sectional dimensions are as follows:

Outside diameter- 5/8 inches.
Thickness of wall- ¼ inches.
Inside diameter- 1/8 inches.
Purpose- spear fishing.
Material- latex.

Lengths are available in various sizes. According to your requirement you will choose the perfect length of the band but outside and inside dimensions remains the same along with the thickness.

You can buy from stores or even from online shopping sites; online availability of this product makes it more convenient for you. Other than black and amber colors it is not much manufactured in other colors.

Wondering about pros and cons?

Before you purchase any product you should be well acquainted with the benefits and drawbacks of the item. Thus this product comes up with certain advantages.

Some of the pros associated with it are:

Highly affordable.
Used in spear fishing.
Great for giant slingshot.
Quality is better than other speargun bands.
Great strength.
Good amount of resistance.

If you are looking for the perfect band to go with your speargun then this latex band is an ideal solution for you.


As far this product is considered there is no such con encountered till date.

Feedback on the product

It is by far the perfect and appropriate band for spear fishing. This product has a good amount of resistance.

When you place your order you should carefully order the perfect length of string otherwise your money will be wasted.

It is a value for money product. It is not long lasting, after 6 dives you will be able to notice certain changes.

Main problem is concerned with the elasticity of band which makes the product less convincing.

Other than elasticity issues speargun band or sling latex prime line rubber tubing is great.

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