Speargun Bands and How to Make Them Last Longer

speargun bands

Using a speargun is a great way to go fishing for under water game and when it comes to spearos or spearfishing enthusiasts, the talk is almost always about the different kind of spearguns and the kind of shafts that give better results.

While the sturdiness of the speargun and the efficiency of the shafts are indeed important, one of the most crucial parts of making the whole thing working efficiently is ensuring that the bands in a speargun are of good quality.

The bands are literally the ‘firepower’ that shoot the shaft and make the kill happen. Without the bands a speargun would be as useless as a regular gun without bullets.

Why choose band powered spearguns?

While there are different kinds of spearguns that are available in the market today, a whole lot of people prefer band powered spearguns to anything else. There are a few reasons for that.

Spearguns are very powerful hunting tools and the best part is that adding more bands on top can drastically increase their power. As a spearo, you can add as many bands as you can physically pull back under water to ensure that you have maximum firepower at your disposal. Do keep in mind that the higher the number of bands on your speargun, the longer it will take to load.

At the same time, band powered spearguns are very easy to maneuver and aim accurately. These guns are usually 50cm to 130cm in length and the ease of use depends on its size and how easily you are able to handle it. Needless to say, you should buy one that you are most comfortable using.

Since these guns use bands, you do not need to buy any special loaders like in the case of pneumatic guns and you can even make these bands very cheaply at home yourself.

While these guns do require very less maintenance, it’s a good idea to take care of the bands so as to ensure maximum lifespan. This will save you money that you’d otherwise spend on buying bands and also avoid any chances of accidents happening while hunting.

How to make your speargun bands last longer?

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1. As soon as you are done fishing, soak the bands in regular water and make sure that you rub out the dirt and salt from the surface of the bands and from any cracks or breaks on them.

2. Dry out the bands completely with a towel so that there’s not a drip of water left on them.

3. Get yourself Silicon grease and lightly coat it all over the body of the band. If you see any cuts, then make sure to seal them out with the grease so that the inner rubber is not dried out by air.

4. Dry out the band for a little bit and then seal it up in a ziplock bag. Make sure that you get as much air out of the ziplock bag as possible.

5. Once that is done, take the ziplock bag and put it in the fridge. Take it out the next time you are about to go spearfishing and you will find an almost brand new speargun bands at your disposal.