Speargun Lines – What Do They Do?

speargun lines

While it may look daunting at first, spearfishing is not only provides one of the best underwater experience that you can have, it is also rather easy to master.

Of course you will need to learn freediving and how to use a spear gun, when compared with other water sports (so to say) this one is rather easy to learn.

Not to mention the fact that once you do become an expert spearo, you literally have an endless supply of fresh fish for your kitchen.

Needless to say, to Spearfish you will need a speargun. There are a few different kinds of spearguns that are available in the market and the one you end up choosing depends entirely upon your requirements, your goals and your style of spearfishing.

Some of the spearguns operate using bands while others rely on air pressure to shoot the spear.

One thing that is common in all kinds of spearguns is that they all have a line attached to the spear. What is the purpose of speargun lines then?

Once you shoot the spear you clearly do not want the fish to swim away with the shaft inside of it. That is why a line is attached to the shaft so that you can easily pull the caught fish towards you. Speargun line also helps you retrieve the shaft at the same time.

If you choose to swim to the surface of the water instead, than the line ensures that the fish that you just hunted trails after you.

How to choose the right speargun lines?

Obviously you’ll want to avoid colors that are too close to the color of the water body that you are spearfishing in.

This is even more important if you tend to go spearfishing with a partner.

A spearfishing line needs to be strong and resistant without being too hard. That is because very often when you hunt for bigger fish, you end up pulling them towards you.

So not only does your line need to be strong enough to sustain the weight of the fish, it must not be so hard that you struggle to pull the catch towards you.

Let’s not forget that you’ll be doing this underwater and a lot of things that you can easily accomplish on land become very exhausting under the surface of the water.

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