Suunto D4I Aqua Lung Dive Computer Review

Suunto D4I bAqua Lung Dive Computer

When you dive underwater, it’s very common to get lost in all the beauty down there and stray away to parts unknown.

It happens very often that a diver who’s completely planned his diving trip; veer away from it completely, only to realize much later that they strayed far too much.

For example, a diver may decide to stick to their diving limits and set his or her goal to be to dive to the depths of 50 meter and stay in a particular span of area.

Once they realized they have strayed away, their first instinct would be to get back to their set limits.

Often however, you can find yourself lost and in such a case, a dive computer gets very hand as it tells you where exactly and how deep you are.

Once you have this information, you can easily make your way to where you were supposed to be.

Today we will take a look at the Suunto D4i by Aqua Lung, a wearable dive computer that has been getting rave reviews of late.

Suunto D4I Dive Computer by Aqua Lung

The wrist computer comes in 4 colors (lime, black, white and blue) and sits on a silicone strap that is very comfortable and can be worn for hours.

The screen displays the numbers in big font so as to make it easy for the diver to get all the information at a quick glance and all the buttons are made of metal to provide for extra sturdiness.

This dive computer can be run in 4 modes (air, nitrox, free & off) and runs on Suunto’s proprietary continuous decompression algorithm (the Suunto RGBM).

The watch also integrates wirelessly with a wireless tank pressure sending unit to display current cylinder pressure but if you are not using such a unit, the wireless can be turned off to preserve battery life.

The firmware can be easily upgraded using USB and syncs effortlessly with logbook.

The product comes with a DVD that has step by step instructions on how to start using it and it also includes the DM5 software that allows you to download all your dive logs to your computer for analysis purposes.

You can also plan your dives with this software and synch them to your watch.

The software runs on both Mac and PC and Suunto are known to release updates for it on a regular basis.

Extra features of the Suunto D4I by Aqua Lung Dive Computer

Suunto D4I by Aqua Lung Dive Computer review

One of the most crucial things that the watch provides is an alarm system that goes of in case you veer off your diving plan.

For instance it will go off if you go deeper than you planned. It also displays the water temperature and calculates your ascent time every time you are about to go back to the surface of the water.

The backlight can be adjusted to your preference and the menu based used interface is really easy to navigate.

All in all Aqua lung’s Suunto is a great companion for any diver who wants to rely on facts to better his or her diving experience.

And when you are not in the water, you can always wear it as a regular watch! 🙂

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