Swim like a fish with Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves

There are many products of paddling gloves in the market, but choosing Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves would be the best option as to catch more waves and paddle efficiently.

Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves

These power gloves are well suited for surfing, diving, swimming, kayaking, river-boarding, propulsion and water exercise.

Product Details

It has a seamless design, so you do not have to worry about stitches, or straps coming out.

This product is made of natural latex rubber and it is so light in weight that it won’t trap air inside.

Cotton flocking provides maximum grip, as well as the rear webbing has 70% of more surface area and power.

Divers use them for micro-movements and surge control. Spearfishing? Absolutely no problem, as one can easily operate their equipment while wearing Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves.


  • The cotton flock surfer provides with good grip.
  • It is light-weighted and it won’t absorb moisture.
  • This product has superior grip and does not get much heavy when wet.
  • The product has been rear web designed for maximum paddle power.
  • It’s shaped well and contoured 3-D size applies easy to handle and dexterity.
  • It is highly recommended, as it is enjoyed by surfers, diver, kayakers and swimmers worldwide.

Special recommendations

It allows you to move more water that gives more speed to the board.

The grip on the board is comfortable and natural.

Plus the lifting the water-air filled gloves is a true ordeal, so the arms and hands should feel light. It is designed for surfing, as well as improves your surfing skills.

It develops a stronger upper body by putting them on while swimming.

To determine the best size, measure the hand from the tip of your middle finger to the crease of your wrist closest to the palm and then measure the breadth, above the thumb area.


Do compare the sizes below according to your need.

XXL- 8″(20.3cm) x 4″ (10.2cm), XL- 8″(20.3cm) x 3 3/4″(9.5cm), L- 7 3/4″(19.7cm) x 3 5/8″(9.2cm), ML- 7 1/2″(19.1cm) x 3 1/2″(8.9cm), M- 7″(17.5cm) x 3 3/8″(8.3cm), WL- 7 1/8″(18.1cm) x 3 1/4″(8.3cm), WM- 6 7/8″(17.5cm) x 3 1/8″(7.9cm), WS- 6 3/4″(17.1cm) x 3″(7.6cm), YL- 6 3/8″(16.2cm) x 3″(7.6cm), YM- 6 1/4″(15.9cm) x 2 7/8″(7.3cm), YS- 6 1/8″(15.5cm) x 2 3/4″(7.0cm).


There is no feedback as such, but it surely needs a better application to use them, just for swimming, to develop strength and stamina.

Otherwise it’s perfect for surfers needing for extra propulsion in order to catch every wave.

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