Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun Review

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun

The Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun is an upgraded version of their best selling Geronimo model and just like its predecessor, the speargun does not fail to impress. Does it excel at all those things that one requires from a good speargun? Let’s take a look. Speargun specifications As you can tell at first glance, the … Read more

Cressi Spearfishing Apache Speargun Review

Cressi Apache Speargun

Cressi has been a popular name among spearos of all levels for many years now and their reputation is well earned as a result of the quality products that they have made over the years. Since 1946 they have provided spearos with great equipment and that tradition continues with the Cressi Spearfishing Apache Speargun. Cressi … Read more

Review on The Cressi Comanche Speargun

Cressi Comanche Speargun

Choosing the right speargun is very important to make your spearfishing expeditions into a success. With the wrong kind of speargun, your task becomes that much harder and more often than not, you end up missing your aim. There are a whole lot of spearguns available in the market today and not just for a … Read more

Cressi Geronimo Elite Mimetico Spear Gun review

The cressi Geronimo Elite mimetico spear gun is an upgrade over the Geronimo Pro which was a previous model in a similar design made by the same manufacturer that was hugely popular in the spearfishing circles. Made in Italy this spear gun is designed for spearos who prefer nuzzle designs. The first thing you notice … Read more