Hammerhead Proteus Speargun Review

Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

Hammered Proteus Speargun comes with a closed muzzle which allows for quick and easy loading and reloading of the gun. DESIGN OF A HAMMERHEAD PROTEUS SPEARGUN: This Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns is fully railed and is of a single band. The shaft of the speargun is made up of stainless steel which is treated with heat. … Read more

Hammerhead Evolution 2 speargun review

Hammerhead Evolution 2 speargun

The HAMMERHEAD EVOLUTION 2 is regarded as the most accurate speargun. This was independently tested by Hawaii Skindiver magazine and Spreading Magazine out of Florida. DESIGN OF THE Hammerhead Evolution 2: Every edition of the Hammerhead speatgun, complements the previous one which makes it consistent and in making accurate shots dive-in and dive-out under most … Read more

Hammerhead Evolution 2 HI-Bred Speargun

Hammerhead Evolution 2 HI-Bred Speargun

As per 21st technology Hammerhead Evolution 2 HI-Bred Speargun is created as a perfect fusion of technology and style. The design of the Hammerhead Evolution Speargun is made sure that it adapts the hand shape, thus making the shooting and catching the prey easy. Also build makes it more durable. As we all know Speargun … Read more